Far Cry 2 PC Game FREE!!! with PC GAMER Subscription for £15.57 @ My Favourite Magazines
Far Cry 2 PC Game FREE!!! with PC GAMER Subscription for £15.57 @ My Favourite Magazines

Far Cry 2 PC Game FREE!!! with PC GAMER Subscription for £15.57 @ My Favourite Magazines

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PC Gamer are offering FAR Cry 2 for the PC Free if you subscribe to their magazine via direct debit for £15.57. This sounds like a great deal as Far Cry 2 is selling for £34.99 on steam!!

If you subscribed to the magazine alone you would normally pay £13.75 but with this offer it looks like you would be paying more at a price of £15.57 so you are effectively paying only £1.82 for the game!! but I have said Free as that is what the magazine has said, so I quoted them. Still a good deal though!!

You can sign up for the subscription which is £15.57 per quarter then cancel the subscription so to only get 3 or 4 issues and Far Cry 2.

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farcry 2 = overated repetative gta wannabe shooter


farcry 2 = too hard for the whining little kiddies who cant spell :whistling:

h+r added.

game is 22.99 in game.co.uk me thinks...deal still cheaper plus u get 12 mags fall for 15 squids!

Thanks, my husband loves this magazine and already subscribes but see you can also update an existing subscriptions and get the game so thank you!
Rep left

good offer but game not great online ..offline its good but short ..

plenty of good games coming
ghostbusters operation flashpoint 2, cod modern warfare 2

Great offer as subscriptions for this mag hardly ever come under £40 for the year! Esp as its £6 odd an issue instore. Im looking for PC Format at the same price...

why has this been expired?

whining little kiddies who cant spell ...........

Oh, I'm sorry your obviously better than me and therefore more mature and informed about what your talking about as you have better spelling, but hay at least im not name calling.

I have a right to an opinion on a product posted on here just as you do, so maybe someone needs a lesson in manners.

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Can an administrator please unexpire this offer as it is still on!!


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Thanks rayman

Bear in mind that while the first payment is £15, you're committing to a 12 month minimum and also that when they run out of copies they reserve the right to send you what they damn well like.

EDIT : Wait this is 3 months old, why was it on the front page of the site?

ARgh, i missed out!

Dont know if Play.com are still doing it, but I recently bought Far Cry 2 and the Fortune's pack together for £9.99, if you dont want a magazine sub then it seems a much better deal to me.

Not got round to playing it yet, in the middle of Dead Space on the 360, WHAT A GAME!


farcry 2 = overated repetative gta wannabe shooter

I thought Far Cry was a great game - it was the best game in years when it came out - I'm so utterly bored witless with Far Cry 2 to the extent that I've not played it anymore.
I always persevere with games to finish them but it's been at least 2 months if not 3 since I loaded it up - very disappointing indeed :x
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