Far Cry 2 (PS3) - £9.99 Instore/Online @ Grainger Games
Far Cry 2 (PS3) - £9.99 Instore/Online @ Grainger Games

Far Cry 2 (PS3) - £9.99 Instore/Online @ Grainger Games

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£9.99 instore else £2 delivery..


£11.99 with delivery

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£11.99 with delivery

£9.99 instore and still the cheapest around delivered :whistling:


hot from me

HOT, Good find...!

Flawed but still a very fun game to play. Would be much better if they would just release a patch to sort out the relatively minor issues (such as the respawn time for enemies). Hot.

I finished this game and it took me quite a while (40 hours I think).
Quite enjoyed it. Unfortunately the worst gameplay is during the first few hours, when you have no diamonds and no decent guns.

Thanks OP

Awesome deal!
2nd hand for a tenna delivered is a bargin. Thoroughly enjoyed this game myself. Got it in the 17.99 play deal afew months.

Does this suffer the game save corrupting bug when you reach around the 60% completion point like the 360 version does?

Great Find

Wow bargain bin for this game already??

Partly a reflection that it's due a re-release under the platinum label this month SSP £19.99.



ordered and sorted - thanks for the insight

Yes it has the bug! A friend has it and can't get past about halfway as it keeps crashing! That's pretty poor!

They released a patch the other week to fix the corrupt save games problem but it cannot fix games that are already corrupt.

Just got my copy from Grainger Games but it's not sealed, is this their normal practice, was anyone else's copy unsealed?
No major thing but if it's marked as New then it should be sealed imho.
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