Far Cry 4 ps4 £25 instore @ Tesco

Far Cry 4 ps4 £25 instore @ Tesco

LocalFound 27th Mar 2015
Looks like everybodies dropping the price on this.

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awful game.....hence the price



awful game.....hence the price

Awful comment... Hence the lack of likes

awful game.....hence the price

surely if it's anything like 3 it'll be decent?
is it bad ?
This deal has already been posted today.
I enjoyed it, very similar to 3 but a lot more content
bought this on Monday same price. got quite bored early on (~6hrs). couldn't bring myself to finish the story, seems like UBI got lazy, have to collect alot of
crap. hunting isn't really fun, spending time scouting an outpost for the best approach to then get murked by an eagle + random bear combo sucks. so I ended up trading this along with Destiny for Bloodborne, which is fantastic. I had the same fatigue with FC3 and I really wanted to like both!
Great game. But if you played FC3 this just feels like an expansion. Nothing new nothing broken.
Prefer Assassins Creed Unity but it is a good game - got it for my OH for crimby and was £44, dios mio¡!
personally i thought this game was good,some missions did become slightly repetitive but a great open world with plenty to tackle :-)
Don't think you can really call this an awful game. Yeah does get a bit repetitive after a bit and there is no real incentive to be going round searching caves etc. but still a pretty fun game.
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