Far Cry Instincts Predator (XBOX 360) £22.49 free delivery!!!

Far Cry Instincts Predator (XBOX 360) £22.49 free delivery!!!

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Found 13th Nov 2006
Jack Carver returns home when he is approached by a dangerous and seductive femme fatale. Recruited to assist in the heist of a small Southeast Asian pirate enclave, Jack suddenly finds himself amidst the murder of a local magistrate and fighting feral warriors and pirates to survive.


Includes two full Far Cry games in one - Play all the new single and multiplayer missions from Far Cry Instincts Evolution, as well as all the original single and multiplayer missions from Far Cry Instincts.

Unleash Jacks inner predator to overcome the odds in a tropical wilderness - Harness your feral abilities to hunt and destroy merciless native warriors and pirate forces. Rely on your instincts and sense of smell, vision and strength to survive.

Create the perfect multiplayer maps - Use the map editor to create your own custom multiplayer maps that you can share and play online. Choose from new tools and custom brushes, edit terrain, handpick weapons and items, choose multiplayer modes and more.

Expansive new arsenal of weapons, traps and vehicles for land, air and water combat - Unleash new explosive pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails and poisonous blow guns. Take to water with Sampans and hovercrafts, rumble over land with armoured pickups and unimogs, or command from above with lightweight gliders.

Stunning tropical environments - Lush, detailed vegetation and environments, realistic underwater effects and all the amazing graphics Far Cry is famous for. Choose to complete mission objectives in any order.

Evolving prey-predator mechanics - Adaptive AI with quicker reaction times and group tactics.

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It does have its flaws, but online is great fun, could play all day, storyline is awesom aswel, worth a look!

by Simon Davis, 29/09/2006 23:18:31
good, though bad controls lets it down. i call it a side stepped first person shooter as aiming is one of worst ive played. multiplayer is laggly as hell too.

by smityjoe, 27/09/2006 20:56:29
First person gone feral, great to look at even better to play. Gripping story with a hell of a lot to get through.

by Anthony Falvey, 20/08/2006 23:55:35
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