Farcry 2 (XBOX 360/PS3) only £8.99 Delivered @ Gamestation
Farcry 2 (XBOX 360/PS3) only £8.99 Delivered @ Gamestation

Farcry 2 (XBOX 360/PS3) only £8.99 Delivered @ Gamestation

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This is the cheapest I have seen for Farcry 2 on either platform, superb price.


Far Cry 2 has a lot to live up to. The first Far Cry, developed by Crytek, was critically lauded among reviewers and loved by gamers the world over. Ubisoft Montreal has a lot to live up to. Fortunately, it's been working its French Canadian fingers to the bone to do just that.

Breaking away from previous games in the series, players are whisked off to the wilds of Africa. The premise is simple - there's an arms dealer out and about going by the name of The Jackal. He's been playing local warring factions off against each other because... well, it's good for business. Your job is to take him out.

Two things stand out about Far Cry 2. The first is the sheer size of the game. Players are presented with an open world that's a massive 50 square kilometres in total, all resplendent with detail. Second is just how much effort has gone into the design. Things work as they're meant to work. Take fire, for instance. If you're approaching a settlement you need to attack and the wind's at your back, setting the dry grass alight will serve you well, because the flames will blow towards your opponent and get your attack nicely underway. Try it with the wind blowing the other way, however, and you'll find yourself getting singed at least.

All this comes complete with a full online multiplayer mode that packs all of the above into the opportunity to blow your mates' - and strangers - brains out.

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Enjoy ;-)


Great price. Don't forget quico. I played the first 2 on the Xbox. I don't know if this is any good though.

Good price poor game.

excellent game, its pretty much grand theft auto rowanda except better than that actually sounds.

£6 in morrisons for the xbox, in the dump bins

I enjoyed the game, a nice fps, has its faults but certainly worth £8.99!

Great fun at first, but after a week or two it starts to feel a bit repetitive - just like Grand Theft Auto games (3 onwards), in my opinion.

Good price, reasonable game, rubbish company. Heat added for price alone.


Good price poor game.

My thoughts exactly!:thumbsup:

Nice price but single player is HUGELY repetitive. Lots and lots of travelling to do very samey missions.

Multiplayer quickly loses its appeal when you watch the match making process. Players just abuse it by quitting/joining until the best players end up on one team. If you vote to level teams you usually get voted to be banned.
Oh and there's everyones favourite, the random XP reducing glitch. Many times i've seen a player end a match with up to 10,000 less XP than they started with.

But other than that it's fun to play with friends :-P

It does have a very good map editor and people have made some great maps. It's a shame the game doesn't let you play any of them for ranked matches which ends up with nobody playing them at all.

It seems a bit cheeky them offering a few maps paid DLC when there are hundreds of better ones on there for free!

I was soooooooo disappointed with this game, not even the online multiplayer saves it in my view, definitely try before you buy it title.

All games with an open world mission structure are repetitive. GTA4, Red Faction, Assassins Creed etc etc.

It depends if you like this sort of game. Personally, I thought it was great. Well worth £9.

I love this game. Well worth it.

Huge disappointment. One of the worst games i played in last couple of years. Please do no compare this to GTA, it's a blasphemy!

Very rubbish game if you played and enjoyed FC1 then do not buy this as you will be very disapointed.

This certainly can't be called 'very rubbish'.It's just totally different from the first one.This is 85% moving around the landscape and only 15% actually shooting.If u want more shooting go for one of the 100 FPSs out there.
It does get repetitive but manages to have a unique feel to it and give an insight into how great a Far Cry 3 could be.

Amazing game with just a few faults.



Good price poor game.

thought it was apoor game aswell
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