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FarmFoods offers 4 for £10
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FarmFoods offers 4 for £10

Posted 22nd Nov 2016
Multi Buys

Mince Beef 500g
Diced Beef Steak 450g
Mince Beef with Onion 800g
Cooked Breast Chunks 500g
Cooked Chicken Slices 500g
Chicken Breast Bites 485g
Chicken Goujons 480g
Chicken Southern Fried Goujons 480g

Plus spend £25 or £50 use £2.50 or £5 vouchers
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oO Are these edible?

oO Are these edible?

Check the meat contents on the packs, Farmfoods stores have affordable products and always seem busy near me.

Waitrose etc are better products but are a lot more expensive, so these are good for people on a budget looking for a Deal
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Cool. I'll give them a try.
Think this offer is always on. The chicken goujons are nice and made of chicken breast. My kids love them. They are nice on wtaps too
All good healthy foods?
Disco Dave

All good healthy foods?

The last three would be the "unhealthy" choices but still high in meat content.
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