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FarmFoods is the UK’s number one frozen food specialists, offering delicious ready meals along with frozen meat and plenty more. The company has always focused on delivering great value to its customers and regularly offers discount deals. All of the latest vouchers are listed at the FarmFoods HotUKDeals pages. Read more

All FarmFoods Deals, Discounts & Sales for October 2018

48 x 500ml bottles Pepsi Max £20 @ Farmfoods
LocalLocalFound 17th OctFound 17th Oct
Buy two cases of 500ml Pepsi max for £20. That's less than 42p a bottle. Hope it helps someone.

Erm because how else are people going to consume Pepsi at their own leisure? We need containers. I suppose the only solution at this point would be to encourage or incentivise recycling of the bottles. Maybe even penalising those that don't recycle.


Yes responsible people would (annoyed) .... but why create the problem in first place!


Or just recycle them in the bins provided by councils? :/


If you can find them...our local superstore has had an empty space for the past week,bought them in Iceland @£6.50 per 24


+With bottles you can do your bit to wrack the ocean and planet earth for future generations. Not saying cans arr any better regards to environment.

Heinz Beanz x2 6 cans baked beans FarmFoods - £5
01/11/2018 at 23:00Expires on 01/11/2018 at 23:00LocalLocalFound 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Any two for 5 pounds Family pack 6 cans of heinz beanz in tomato souce. You can also print vouchers if you want to do bigger shopping, see link:… Read more

Cheers.don’t have an ASDA close to me


Branston beans are currently on offer at ASDA 3 pack for £1.00


Have to admit I moved to Branston because Heinz was so expensive.Branstons price went up so using Lidls.not as good


So, 41.7p per can. Much more expensive than Branston and others. I do not consider this a good deal. Still overpriced. They are rather bland. How is the prce justified? Which ingredients justifyt the higher price, if any? Is it just the letters H E I N Z?


Tenner the coupons beans will go up after brexit stock up

Mcvities digestive slices 2for £1 at farmfoods
LocalLocalFound 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
Have been buying these at Tesco’s, currently on offer for a £1. Have found them at farmfoods Plymouth 2 for £1. Also have the caramel ones and hobnob ones as part of the offer

Lol, u made me go to my cupboard and check mine was like that (lol)


P.S. £0.67p in Asda


That packaging though

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Malteaser teasers 150g 2 for £1 @ farmfoods Portsmouth
LocalLocalFound 1st OctFound 1st Oct
They're by the tills. They're slightly short dated for 14/10 but they taste the same as usual. They are 69p each too.

Mind suitably blown (horror)


Want to have your mind blown? There is no A in the tesers part of Maltesers.


Shame these don't have the sweet Sunday codes in

Surf 130 washes Mega Pack, 2 X 130 washes (260 washes) for £20 @ Farmfoods
28/10/2018Expires on 28/10/2018Found 23rd SepFound 23rd Sep
Surf 130 washes Mega Pack 2 x 130 washes for £20 @ Farmfoods
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Yeh do the maths this is for 2x130 wash total 260 wash how did you work out it’s cheaper per wash ? Your deal is for 2 x80 wash fir £16 for the extra £4 on this deal you get extra 100 wash


No that doesn't work out cheaper, £8 for an 80 wash box works out 10p per wash, so the same rate applied to 130 washes would cost you £13 a box, so in fact you're paying £6 more not £4 less as you said!! This deal for a £10 box works out at just over 7.5p (0.077p) a wash... For 130 washes?


Tesco are doing 64 wash for £5. They have offers even for fairy and comfort. Will suit someone who wants tot buy smaller packs .


Now that's a good deal


In other words buy 2 x 80 wash boxes from Aldi and it works out £4 cheaper

72 cans coke/diet coke £20 in FARMFOODS or 96 for £25.50
LocalLocalFound 21st SepFound 21st Sep
24 coca cola/diet coke for £7.99 in Farmfoods, buy 3 pack,=72 cans for £20. However if you have the £2.50 off a £25 spend you can buy 96 cans for £25.50
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There are atleast 10 farmfoods in london that i know of


That's rather disappointing (annoyed)


I tried that, I was told no can do.


Bit harsh.ever think that Farmfoods can't afford the over inflated rates that companies pay in London?


Good advice Tom. This stuff is really bad for you. I used to drink a fair few cans a week, nothing crazy but probably 1 or 2 a day. Ended up with gastritis. Not saying Coke and Pepsi caused it, but now my stomach actually rejects the stuff. I have about 7 or 8 cans a year now, just on special occasions. It's pretty much common knowledge that this stuff is very bad for your health. Saying that, I'd still chug it down if I could get away with it (embarrassed)

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Farmfoods Fish n chips snacks 3 packs for £1 125gm bags - instore
LocalLocalFound 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Fish n chips snacks 3 packs for £1 each bag 125gm
72 Fanta Lemon Cans for £18 instore @ Farmfoods
LocalLocalFound 19th SepFound 19th Sep
Fanta Lemon is the newest addition to Farmfoods 3 cases of cans for £18. That's 72 cans for £18 working out to 25p a can. Individual cases are £6.50 each. Deal can be mixed with o… Read more
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The more you sling insults, the less credible you sound. What’s your kids treat for today? Type 2 diabetes? I don’t eat gluten free food, I eat food that doesn’t contain gluten, which is just fruit, veg, rice, meat and fish. Very simple and inexpensive. If you were at all educated you’d see it’s actually cheaper to create simple meals that are fresh than to but processed rubbish with your fictional minimum wage. As for your request to Go Away, I’ll happily oblige, but just remember, you’re the one that started a futile argument days after it had been put to bed. Arguing about being skint, then talking about pop for a treat? Hypocrite.


Ok please go away now, you are both clearly stuck up snobs who don't give their families any treats, who eat gluten free crap and allow yourselves to think you're better than everyone else. Good day!


That’s not the minimum wage. How can giving your kids be the best option, especially if money is tight? You make no sense, then resort to further insults when corrected.


Haha wow you really are stuck up yourself, I think I hear Waitrose calling you, might want to hurry before all the £4 packs of biscuits go for the morning tea rush! I'm off now to buy a 25p energy drink and some haribos mmmm all that sugar and fat and additives nom nom nom


1) I would prefer you to not patronise me if you aren't even born in this country! 2) this country is not cheap, it is one of the most expensive countries in the world for inflation and the cost of wages compared to living. 3) I am not on the poverty line, I am simply standing up for those who need to shop at particular places that you ridicule because you think you are better. 4) £7.34 minimum wage now and I work 40 hours per week and have two kids, I know exactly what it's like to earn MY money, but it doesn't mean that money makes it any easier to live, I live by my means whilst giving my family the best I can whether it means buying 24 cans of "pop" or not. Just stop judging people because of where they shop or how they spend their money, don't like the deal, vote cold and move on, stop criticising.

X3 hills limited edition chocolate orange creams 3 for £1 at farmfoods
LocalLocalFound 17th SepFound 17th Sep
Omg!!! Didnt even though these even existed. Hills chocolate orange creams 3 for £1 at farmfoods.
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These remind me of my ex bf whom I've recently dumped.


Can get them from poundstretcher too along with the orange/strawberry/coconut ones. They are 29p a pack.

Persil 100 washes liquid for £9.99 instore @ Farmfoods
LocalLocalFound 14th SepFound 14th Sep
I haven’t found this price anywhere. Try to get to store in morning because they don’t refill most of the times.

This was also the same price in Iceland last week, I'm not sure if they'll stiff be doing it.


On the money for me hot (highfive)

Heinz salad cream 425g+40% extra for free £1.99 @ Farmfoods,Ascot road store,Derby
LocalLocalFound 10th SepFound 10th Sep
Heinz salad cream 425g+40% extra for free £1.99 seen @ Farmfoods,Ascot road store,Derby,use by date is 01-09-2019
Fish n Chips Snacks Salt and Vinegar - Farmfoods - £1
Found 8th SepFound 8th Sep
2 multipacks of 5 Packs of Fish n Chips snacks £1.00 seen in Farmfoods Mold but probably Nationwide

That's even better then. Shame will cost me more in petrol to get that deal (lol) ... Thanks


You get 10 bags in Farmfoods which work out 10p a bag. Aldi work out to 12.5p per bag


It was pack of 6 for 75p in Aldi.


Per pack - not for 2 packs :)


75p in Aldi

8 cans of Bachelors Tomato Soup Farmfoods - £1
Found 8th SepFound 8th Sep
Farmfoods Bachelors Tomato Soup - 2 packs of 4 tins £1.00. Seen in Mold store but probably nationwide

November ex date in Lancaster. Gonna eat them quick before I get tin poisoning


Thanks daisytex, just picked up the last 32 tins in my local.


It is very relevant with tomato soup due to the acidity of tomatoes, it slowly removes the coating from the can which leeches into the product and will give you poisoning, believe me it's not nice.


Same price in Farmfoods Wishaw, Scotland :D


I'm married. Am I still allowed to buy it? :/

500g family pack of Quorn pieces Two packs for £4 inhouse Farmfoods
LocalLocalFound 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Family packs of Quorn, great value -I always stir fry with a bit of butter to enhance the flavours before cooking to make pasta or curries.Always tastes better the next day once … Read more
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Do you know where they selling it....I tried searching in Asda and Tesco.. But it's not there


For info, Quorn now has a Vegan range of products, where the key ingredient Mycoprotein has potato extract added to it, instead of egg white for binding.


For info, Quorn now has a Vegan range of products, where the key ingredient Mycoprotein has potato extract added to it, instead of egg white for binding.


Thanks for the info


Quorn Quorn have recently introduced a new Vegan range.The packs do look very similar except onthe top left hand side a green Vegan label , not sure if available in all supermarkets as yet. :D

Irn Bru 48 Cans ( 24 per case ) [ irn bru original / xtra / sugar free ] Any 2 for £11.00 ( £5.50 each )
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Irn Bru 48 Cans ( 24 per case ) [ irn bru original / xtra / sugar free ] Any 2 for £11.00 ( £5.50 each )
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they are 2x24 pks for £11 but they are £6.50 for 1x24 pack not £5.50


Sweetners 🤢😷


Fiver in Morrisons for the Xtra 24 pack


I drink the XTRA version...too much of it!


Yeah, i don't like the idea of poisoning myself either.

Teasers chocolate bar 150g £1 @ Farmfoods
LocalLocalFound 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
150g teasers chocolate bar farmfoods
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They don't have the sweet sunday wrapper but for the smaller 100g bar its 1.00 in other stores this is 150g.


I saw these in my nearest Farmfoods (Wester Hailes, Edinburgh) last week. They were not the ones with Sweet Sunday wrappers so I got them from the next door Iceland for £1.50 instead.


Is it the sweet Sunday’s 5 star wrapper one ? if so this would be a bargain

92g bags Cadbury's Hazel in Caramel Roses chocolates-2 for £1 at Farmfoods
Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
Two 92g bags of Cadbury's Hazel in Caramel Roses chocolates for £1 in Farmfoods. Contains milk chocolates with soft caramel and hazelnuts. Best before date on the bags I bought w… Read more
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Also heroes available at the same price at my local


I'm just headed there now.perfect 😄


They used to be a favourite, but now since Mondelez took over they are absolutely disgusting. Save your money !


Well spotted thanks.

18pk Variety Hula Hoops £1 @ Farmfoods
LocalLocalFound 18th AugFound 18th Aug
variety pack of hula hoops for £1.
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£1 for 18 bags??!! :o .... now that's a bargain!


there needs to be a maximum limit, or sold out in no time


blimey ...heat


zomg wtf holy moly holy mackeral omg SMOKING HOT af


Thanks. Will pop to my local

Bag of 12 bananas @ farmfoods - £1.79
LocalLocalFound 16th AugFound 16th Aug
They’re bananas, not a lot i can say, 12 large bananas in a bag, from Mexico. Green & ready to ripen at home .
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Sorry guys. Checked my receipt made a mistake. Actually 1.79. Mods feel free to delete so voters don’t feel conned.


Cheaper than, seriously, they are !!! And better for you by far (highfive)


There’s a blast from the past.... :p


Great in pajamas.


Why are bananas never lonely? A: Because they hang around in bunches.

Pepsi Max 3 x 3 Litres for £5 @ Farmfoods.
LocalLocalFound 14th AugFound 14th Aug
56p a Litre (equivalent to £1.11 for a 2L bottle). Cheapest I've seen it lately. Most places are charging £1.50 for a 2 Litre bottle.

Was in farmfoods today, this offer is still on although they're currently out of stock of the max bottles in mine, but have plenty of the diet.


This is supreme to anything Coca Cola make IMHO


Any deals on Mentos?


stop feeding my addiction


Good deal, just a shame its pepsi