Farming Simulator 17 Premium Edition £19.99 @ PSN

Farming Simulator 17 Premium Edition £19.99 @ PSN

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Found 24th Dec 2017
This is the digital version which includes the season pass including the new platinum expansion. The other DLC has to be bought with in game money.

Farming Simulator 17 Premium Digital Edition includes the game and the Season Pass.

PlayStation®4 exclusive tractor: New Holland T7 HD Blue Power

Once downloaded, the additional content will be available in the in-game shop. Be sure to have sufficient in-game currency to buy them.

Take on the role of a modern farmer! Explore a new North American environment. Drive over 250 farming vehicles and equipment from over 75 manufacturers, including new brands.

Harvest for the first time sunflowers and soy beans. Take care of your livestock - cows, sheep, chicken and now pigs - take part in forestry, and sell your products! Transport your goods with trucks and trailers, or load and drive trains to reach your destination. Grow your farm online with other players, and download community created mods for an ever-expanding Farming Simulator experience!
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Why have people voted this down? I can be a Farmer without the 4am starts, without getting soaking wet and without standing in cow dung. I stopped playing it after the game kept punishing me for speeding. Your plough falls off if you try and plough faster than 5mph. Pity there isn't Rogue farming simulator where you can grow drug crops for cartels or Afghan poppy farm simulator.
Edited by: "MrrImpeccable" 25th Dec 2017
I think your average HDUK reader sometvotes on whether they like the item or not and not whether it’s actually a good deal or not.

This is the cheapest price anywhere for this version of the game. The next cheapest that’s in stock is Amazon at £24 and Argos at £29.99 plusyou don’t get all the DLC in that version you get with this version.
Edited by: "Rossmor40" 25th Dec 2017
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