Farscape - Complete Season 3 Box Set (10 Discs) (RRP £100) - £29.99****
Farscape - Complete Season 3 Box Set (10 Discs) (RRP £100)  - £29.99****

Farscape - Complete Season 3 Box Set (10 Discs) (RRP £100) - £29.99****

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I've been keeping an eye on this item as it has been around the £40 mark up until now. It is currently £29.99 delivered from play.com - this is a great bargain if you need this one to add to your collection. There are some great episodes on here - the characterisation was just improving as the series went along.

1 mippipippi, 2 mippippippi, 3 mippippippi.... (!)

Details: Farscape - Complete Season 3 Box Set (10 Discs)


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[img-float=right]http://www.magnetictimes.com/images/uploads/gigi-edgley-chiana-farscape.jpg[/img-float]Special Features
[*]Audio commentary on episode 'Self-Inflicted Wounds - Part 2' from Claudia Black
[*]Audio commentary on episode 'Eat Me' from Guy Gross
[*]Audio commentary on episode 'Green Eyed Monster' from Ben Browder and Tony Tilse
[*]Audio commentary on episode 'Relativity' from Peter Andrikidis and Lani Tupu
[*]Audio commentary on episode 'The Choice' from Claudia Black
[*]Additional audio commentary on episode 'The Choice' from Rowan Woods and Justin Monjo
[*]'Farscape Undressed' featurette
[*]Profiles of all the main characters including interviews with Claudia Black, Ben Browder, Paul Goddard and Anthony Simcoe
[*]Interview with David Hemper
[*]Interview with Guy Gross
[*]Gallery of stills featuring concept artwork, characters and prop photography
[*]Original 'Sci-Fi Show' trailers
[*]Interactive menu
[*]Chapter selection[/LIST]Imaginative, daring and fun, the award-winning Farscape blows other Sci-Fi shows out of the water!

Episodes comprise:
1. Season of Death
2. Suns and Lovers
3. Self-Inflicted Wounds (Part 1): Could'a, Would'a, Should'a
4. Self-Inflicted Wounds (Part 2): Wait for the Wheel
5. Different Destinations
6. Eat Me
7. Thanks for Sharing
8. Green Eyed Monster
9. Losing Time
10. Relativity
11. Incubator
12. Meltdown
[img-float=right]http://www.savedanieljackson.com/archives/farscape.jpeg[/img-float]13. Scratch n' Sniff
14. Infinite Possibilities (Part 1): Daedalus Demands
15. Infinite Possibilities (Part 2): Icarus Abides
16. Revenging Angel
17. The Choice
18. Fractures
19. I-Yensch, You-Yensch
20. Into the Lion's Den (Part 1): Lambs to the Slaughter
21. Into the Lion's Den (2): Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
22. Dog with Two Bones.

I like Claudia Black
not seen farscape yet... but from Stargate

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I haven't seen the Stargates with her in them. What series btw? I've just watched Stargate series 1 last month, will be trying to get hold of other series (to borrow, not to buy). Farscape was excellent, you should give it a try. If a friend has any, borrow them to see. Or if you are with a DVD rental company, put the first series on your wish list.

in Stargate SG-1 series 9 she appears
I have trial accounts with 3 companies... I'll give it a try

She's first in season 8 and her appearance was popular so she pops back for a bit in season 9. Ben Browder is also in Stargate from season 9 onwards.

I quite liked Farscape but it is 'very' hard to get past the muppets in it.
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