Farscape Season 4 - £34.95 delivered (or £32.95 with voucher)

Farscape Season 4 - £34.95 delivered (or £32.95 with voucher)

Found 30th Apr 2007
Good old Foxy have got Farscape Season for under £35. I've been waiting ages to get this season cheap. Can get it for under £33 if you use a Foxy voucher already posted on HotDeals.


One of the Sci Fi Channel's most popular series, 'Farscape' is the story of a band of misfit renegades on the run from military Peacekeepers. The hero of the series is the human John Crichton (Ben Browder), a young astronaut and astrophysicist who becomes stranded on the other side of the universe when his Farscape module goes through a wormhole. There, the sentient ship Moya takes him in, where he finds himself in the midst of a battle between the militaristic 'Peacekeepers' and a small band of prisoners who are escaping their grasp. He chooses to team up with the escapees: a Luxan warrior (Anthony Simcoe); a deposed Hynerian ruler who strongly resembles a frog (voiced by Jonathan Hardy); a shunned Peacekeeper pilot (Claudia Black), and others whom they pick up along the way - as they run from the Peacekeepers, explore space, and try to find Crichton a way back to Earth. This collection includes every episode from the fourth season.

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