Fartools 175036 Chainsaw Chain 2200 W 450 mm £36.38 @ Amazon

Fartools 175036 Chainsaw Chain 2200 W 450 mm £36.38 @ Amazon

Found 5th Aug 2016
*Thanks to VDisillusioned for pointing this out, it appears to come with an EU plug - though Amazon will reimburse you for the cost of a new plug (see Post #21)*

Can see this on various French websites, boyf reckons this is a good price for a 2200W chainsaw. Only two in stock though I assume it goes on backorder thereafter (?).

And of course there's the comedy brand name, FARTOOLS :P

Part Number 175036
Item Weight 7 Kg
Product Dimensions 55.4 x 21.2 x 29.8 cm
Item model number 175036
Colour green
Power Source Filaire électrique (electric wire)
Wattage 2200 watts
Cord Length 0.4 metres
Blade Length 45 centimetres
Included Components 35/65 cm with 1 hose 150 cm, 1 adjustable lance, 1 shoulder strap and 1 nozzle tube and 2 tube protection
Batteries Included? No
Batteries Required? No

Amazon.fr has additional information about this (stock number 175036, 2200W) via Google Translate:

"For cutting large quantities of wood, the chain saw electric chain with a length of 450mm max cutting.
The engine power of 2200W with a 13m.s-1 rotational speed allows intensive use.
Comes with guide and Oregon chain
has a quick chain tensioner.
The lubrication of the chain is automatic
there is an indicator of the level of oil to easily check the level."

The 1800W is £83.14 amazon.co.uk/Far…NIG
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That's a very cheap chainsaw, I'm tempted to buy one. But please don't just get one and start using it without some good thought. Chainsaws are really scary pieces of kit if you don't know what you are doing.
How weird! The stock showing is now "8 in stock" and it's now £36.38! (I paid £36.53 ten minutes ago!).
Hm, dunno what's going on, now "1 left in stock" and the price is £36.39, though don't watch Amazon prices that closely to know if it's a bug.
Fart tools
£52.39 now
Keep refreshing, the price seems to be going up and down - never seen that happen on Amazon before.
£52.39 now, grrrr

£36 is a great price for a chainsaw, I do wonder how long the chain will last though...

Don't think they'll honour it but good luck whoever bought one at thirty odd quid
Price keeps changing! It's now at £62.64.
£100.25 oO
It's been around £37.38 at the end of July, so it might not be a glitch. Price seems to be staying at the £100 mark now though
Showing £500 now somebody on amazon watching this thread I reckon
Yeah, it's a strange one - price was changing every few minutes! Fingers crossed for those who got it for £36-odd
Just got very excited...... Then SAW the price had gone back up,

Showing £500 now somebody on amazon watching this thread I reckonLol

​Thing is even at full price it's not worth anything like £500, maybe £100 tops.
Looks like boyf's getting his (£36.53), delivery is a bit slower as it's the Highlands, even on Prime, but it's marked as "On The Way" for Monday.
Looks as though the price might change again, assuming price tracker Keepa is accurate. It states the price on 5th August 2016 was £36.53 at 4.20am, 4.51am, 7.45am, 8.16am, 11.11am, 11.42am, 3.07pm, 6.01pm, 6.23pm.
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Mine arrived. Feels quite good quality as cheap Chinese tools go. But it has a European plug, which is a pain.

Mine arrived. Feels quite good quality as cheap Chinese tools go. But it … Mine arrived. Feels quite good quality as cheap Chinese tools go. But it has a European plug, which is a pain.

I can see someone on Amazon reviews (after buying a Makita chainsaw from there with an EU plug) bought one of these amazon.co.uk/PER…GK/

Probably a better bet than an adaptor. I have a few EU to UK adaptors that I use for beauty devices, but not good for long term/heavy duty use.

Also, as happened when I bought a kettle from Amazon Warehouse that didn't advertise its EU plug, you can ask Live Chat/phone for a partial refund to cover the cost of the adaptor. Worth a go.
As mentioned earlier, Amazon have agreed to refund me £2.80 for the heavy duty rubber plug, I just have to get in touch after delivery (due tomorrow). Still a bit annoying as boyf's in the Highlands and delivery will take a bit longer, but I'm sure he could put a temporary plug on it to test it.

Boyf found this video useful, Oregon Chain Sharpening: youtube.com/wat…Cpg
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Boyf got his today, a day late, got to love Highland courier deliveries! Says the box is a state, dusty and dinged (!). The wire is quite short but I have a feeling that's par for the course with these sort of tools. He's just fiddling about with it, so will update later

I also pointed out to Amazon there's no oil can supplied, as in the illustrations (not really a surprise as the Amazon.fr reviewer mentions this too) but Amazon say as it's not mentioned in the Product Details List, it's their mistake.

Update: I was refunded for the plug (£2.80) and a discount for the inconvenience (£4.51) = £7.31 which makes this chainsaw £32.02! (I paid £36.53).

Amazon told me they have to investigate any item that is supplied with an EU plug as it could be "unsafe to use" (though, I did recently buy a kettle with an EU plug, which also didn't mention the plug in the listing, which suggests they are rather inconsistent with this rule). And it appears they have indeed pulled it from sale - as it's "Currently Unavailable".

He thought it wasn't working then discovered it has a safety catch The instructions are awful, apparently.

Today 11/8: He's used it to chop up a few logs for his stove - he's very pleased with it
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