Fast and the Furious - FREE at Google Play

Fast and the Furious - FREE at Google Play

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Found 5th Mar 2015
First posting for me. Hope you all enjoy it.

Note: The film on offer is 'Fast and Furious' which was number 4 in the franchise, it's not the first film in the franchise 'The Fast and the Furious'.
- Scorpion


this item is not available in your country

Worked for me thank you

Thanks op

Also worked for me using iPad to log in to play store. But didn't show as free using Android! Thanks OP.

thanks worked for me



Not available in your country.try

Thanks, that link worked great

heat added, works in UK. thanks

thanks. heat added


All good here too, thanks.

Link appearing free for me. However, the title is inaccurate. It's not "the fast and the furious" it's "fast and furious" which appears to be a sequel.

Awesome! Heat added!

I got it. Thank you!

thanks got it.

Awesome find, thanks

Is there any way of getting this without inputting card details?!

free for me, thanks op

Good find, Thank You

Heat, free for me.


Is there any way of getting this without inputting card details?!

I don't have any card details/payment method on my account. It worked fine. (For info: followed link on iPhone, had Play Movies app installed already)

Thank you op

Cheers Op

worked for me to, thanks



Awesome! Thank you! My first purchase

Thanks, worked for me

Less than a month left for Fast 7. RIP Paul Walker

This is for fast and furious (2009) not the original film, still, free HD film so can't grumble!

Good spot. Heat from me!

worked for me. thanks

well spotted

Worked for me thanks!!

Yep all good for me too, thanks OP.

Splendid share, link worked for me too.

Cheers and voted HOT.



Thanks OP!

worked for me. I'm in the UK. thanks for sharing

Worked fine for me! Heat!

excellent deal, thanks. heat
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