Fast and the Furious Toyko Drift (Blu-ray) - £8.49 @ Amazon

Fast and the Furious Toyko Drift (Blu-ray) - £8.49 @ Amazon

Found 21st Apr 2011
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift has all the elements that spelled success for its predecessors: Speed, sex, and minimal dialogue. The plot doesn't need explication; it's a nonsensical series of confrontations and standoffs that serve to get us from one race to another. Tokyo Drift can most accurately be described as a visual poem about screeching tires, crunching fiberglass, and sleek female skin, set to a killer soundtrack of Japanese pop and hip-hop. The actors are only needed for tight close-ups of narrowed eyes or sweaty hands tightly gripping gearshifts, though Sung Kang, Better Luck Tomorrow, stands out as a vaguely philosophical hoodlum with deadpan charisma. The curved bodies of the cars and the luscious flesh of the women are both shot with a fetishistic hunger. The "drift" style of racing--in which the cars are allowed to slide in order to take sharp turns at high speeds--grabs your eyes; there's a strange, spectral beauty to rows of cars sliding sideways down a mountain road at night. Also starring Lucas Black (Friday Night Lights) as our wheel-happy hero; Bow Wow (Roll Bounce) as the scam-artist comic relief; and martial arts legend Sonny Chiba (Kill Bill) as a yakuza big shot. --Bret Fetzer
DVD Description
Blu-ray Exclusives:

Use My Scene Sharing to swap your favourite scenes with your buddies online via BD Live.
Making of the Fast Franchise
Drift: A Sideways Craze
Custom Made Drifter
U-CONTROL--get closer to the action with exclusive Blu-ray interactive features Picture in Picture, GPS, Storyboards and Tech Specs.
Bonus Features:

Deleted scenes
Drifting school
Cast cam
The big breakdown--Han's last ride
Tricked out to drift
Welcome to drifting
The real drift king
The Japanese way
Music videos
Feature commentary with director Justin Lin
Audio soundtracks - English, French and Spanish

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Great movies, looking forward to the new release tonight.....but buy the boxset for about £18 to £20 worth it....

Heating you up as i just love the movie......8)
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