Fast and the Furious triple box set and Wes Craven Box set (5 disks) £7.99 each or three for £18
Fast and the Furious triple box set and Wes Craven Box set (5 disks) £7.99 each or three for £18

Fast and the Furious triple box set and Wes Craven Box set (5 disks) £7.99 each or three for £18

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£7.99 fast and the furious box set
£7.99 Wes Craven Boc set




Scream - Wes Craven excels himself as the master of fear in the definitive movie of the '90s. A sly psycho mimics horror movies with real life acts of terror. You'll never answer the door or the 'phone again.

The Last House On The Left - Banned in the UK for almost 30 years, Wes Craven's notorious shock horror film tells the terrifying story of two teenage girls, Mari and Phyllis, who travel to the city to celebrate Mari's seventeenth birthday at a concert by the band Bloodlust. But before they can even see the show, the pair are drugged, beaten and kidnapped by a group of escaped convicts.

Hills Have Eyes - A gang of cannibalistic savages turn their fearsome will upon a group of motorcyclists. The malevolent hoard need fresh supplies of meat, the battle for survival continues and only the fittest remain alive.

Mind Ripper - Wes Craven's terrifying warning of the horrifying dangers of scientific exploration. At Genetic 3, a former nuclear installation a secret team of scientists are probing the very essence of life in their remote bunker lab. There they have created a virus that is capable of regenerating human tissue in seconds but in their efforts to create a new super soldier they have created a new breed of creature which is totally out of control...

* Disc 1 : Last House on the Left - Documentary 'Celluloid Crime of the Century', Featurette 'Scoring Last House' Trailers,TV Spots,Cast and Crew Biographies,Behind the Scenes,Stills & Publicity Gallery,
* Disc 2 : Hills Have Eyes - Audio Commentary with Wes Craven anfd Peter Locke
* Disc 3 : Mind ripper - no extras
* Disc 4 : Scream - Audio Commentary,Production Featurette,Behind the Scenes, Q & A with Cast & Crew,Special effects Gallery,Did You Know? Trivia Information,Theatrical Trailers,
* Disc 5 : Documentary 'American Nightmare (71 mins),Interview with Wes Craven (70 mins)


The Fast And The Furious
- Anyone who has the nerve to race Dom Toretto on the streets of Los Angeles is going to wind up $10,000 out of pocket, because they will lose. Brian wants in on Dom's midnight world, but not because he is a street racer. He's an undercover cop who suspects Dom of masterminding a series of sensational big rig hijackings. But Brian's loyalties are about to be pushed to the limit when he falls for Dom's sister Mia...

2 Fast 2 Furious - Sequel to the highly successful The Fast And The Furious except the action has moved to Miami where former cop Brian O'Conner is given a chance at redemption by bringing down a drug trafficker who is involved in the world of underground racing. To get close to his target, O'Conner teams up with ex-con associate Roman Pearce, while secretly working with an undercover agent to bring them all down.

The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift - Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) has always been an outsider. A loner at school, his only connection to the indifferent world around him is through illegal street racing - which has made him particularly unpopular with the local authorities. To avoid jail time, Sean is sent to live with his gruff, estranged father, a career military-man stationed in Tokyo. In the land that gave birth to the majority of modified racers on the road, the simple street race has been replaced by the ultimate pedal-to-the-metal, gravity-defying automotive challenge ... drift racing, a deadly combination of brutal speed on heart stopping courses of hairpin turns and switchbacks. For his first unsuccessful foray in drift racing, Sean unknowingly takes on D.K., the "Drift King," with ties to the Yakuza, the Japanese crime machine. The only way he can pay off the debt of his loss is to venture into the deadly realm of the Tokyo underworld, where the stakes are life and death....

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Thanks for putting up the images and further information Remingtonsteele


Thanks for putting up the images and further information Remingtonsteele

Your welcome, though Wes Craven boxset is slightly cheaper on BlahDVD + 101CD @ £5.79

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