Fast Fix 12 Laminate Flooring @ Wickes

Fast Fix 12 Laminate Flooring @ Wickes

Found 8th Dec 2009
Textured Beech Effect 7mm laminate

Size: 1285 x 192 x 7mm

Pack Size: Pack of 10, covers 2.46m2

Price: £14.73 / pack = £5.99 per SQM

Contemporary single plank design

Suitable for heavy domestic and light commercial use

High density fibreboard (HDF) core and hard wearing surfaces

No glue required in dry areas of use

Stain and fade resistant

Can be laid over dry and level new floor finishes as well as existing sound ceramic/vinyl tiles, woodblock and cork flooring.


Original Poster

Been looking for cheap, but good quality laminate to replace carpet in bedroom.

This was best I found.

Much better than the £4/SQM cheapest available and has a good single plank textured surface which avoids problem with many laminates where you can see the differences between the real and fake joins.

Suggest fit with 6mm fibreboard underlay if possible to reduce noise and give better feel.

Also suggest trying to find matching patterns to lay length to length as it appears that the pattern is very near repeating which means that you can't see these joins, unlike in the Wickes picture.

Best cut with tungston carbide tipped circular saw and / or jigsaw with fine blade (eg for metal) as this stuff is very hard.

Don't need kit to lay, just some wedges and a wooden block to hammer if difficult.

I found cleaning edges with brush also good to remove any dust which may prevent smooth fixing.

No need for expensive edging, pine quadrant is only ~£2.70 for 2.4m and in my opinion looks much better, especially if painted to match skirting board. Better still, remove the skirting board altogether and replace / renew once laminate down so that it hides gap around edge. This is a much bigger job however and only worth it if you are removing them anyway or are of a perfectionist nature.

Use P2/P3 level mask and cut outside if at all possible as dusk is very fine. Toolstation / Screwfix supply these, e.g. :

If you often work with power tools that produce dusk may be better to get one of the non-disposable masks with replacement filters, preferably with silicone face seal as this does not smell like the rubber ones and has low toxicity in case you are prone to contact dermatitis.

Good info, rep added.

if your looking for floorin then this may be if use..
topps tiles are accepting tesco club card vouchers for a while.
with the clubcard as its a deal for every £10 you get £40 to spend
they curently have 15% off and free underlay on certain packs..
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