Fast Lane Parking Garage with 8 Vehicles @ Toys R Us

Fast Lane Parking Garage with 8 Vehicles @ Toys R Us

Found 21st Dec 2010
online and instore

was £39.99 now HALF PRICE! at £19.99


Kids will have fantastic fun with this Fast Lane car garage! Features 5 levels with a working lift and sounds, lane changing gates that connect each level and it even has a spiral loop for a fast exit!

8 vehicles included.
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Colour Blue
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bought this last year.....its rubbish, went in the bin within the month!!
also it was claiming to be half price then too at £19.99.......gee what a surprise ehhh??
I reserved this at this price weeks ago, went to pick it up but I thought it was rubbish & didnt bother getting it.. looks alright on the web page
have to concur with floravada on this one don't like rubbishing folks deals
but the quality on this is shocking
got my grandson this for his birthday last year
it did not even survive day one

Edited by: "AL_M" 21st Dec 2010
I have to agree with everyone else,please dont invest any money in any of these,if your going to buy a garage buy a decent one that wont fall apart,i used to buy lots of stuff like this when i diddnt have much money,and they always ended up in the bin.
I bought one of these last year for Christmas for my son for £19.99. Waste of money. It broken within the first week.
Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog ]Playpennies!


What??? If you are looking at buying this, here is a slightly different view.... I suppose it depends on the child.. mine tends to be quite careful and wont beat it up...

As a gift for a little boy, this can't be beaten. My 6 year old absolutely loved it, and plays with it every day. Agree it was a little tricky to set up, but it encouraged him to take part and build, get involved especially when it was sticker time. There are loads of stickers to add, and this is all before playing with it. It has 8 little cars, admittedly not the best quality but most kids will have some others to add anyway, and a helicopter. The Heli pad makes some nice noises too. It is all plastic and cardboard, but fairly durable, tracks are easy to put together, although some a little tricky. It doesn't all click and stay in place, but needs a little adjusting now and then. Loads of things to play on, the ramps, the car lift, heli pad, garage, gates to change direction and use the spiral ramps, etc. For the money rrp it is too high, but get it in the sale and it doesn't hurt so much, but at least you will get alot of play. It takes up a little room too, around 1.5 foot high and 2.5 ft in length.
The important word here is 'careful'. If you avoid touching the track it might be a joy to play with. Dare to touch the track and the thing is likely to fall apart. Very flimsy and definitely not worth even the £19.99. I have put it together 6 times ( AT LEAST!!) today either because my two kids have brushed against it or decided to transport it from one place to another which resulted in it falling apart. TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY AND I IMAGINE IT WILL BE BINED SOON. The individual pieces of track don't even connect together very well. IN ADDITION THE TALL CYLINDRICAL PIECE IS CARDBOARD AS WELL AS PART OF GROUND FLOOR NEXT TO CAR WASH. DEFINITELY NOT TODDLER FRIENDLY.
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