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Makita CLX203AJX1  10.8v Twin Set £114.95 @ Fast Fix
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Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Makita CLX203AJX1 10.8v Twin Set £114.95 @ Fast Fix
A drill driver and multitool that will definitely do for DIYers and as a professional electrician I have bought this set. 2x2ah batteries are good and bare tools would compliment.

Great little set . I got this for £110 from FFX 2 months ago . Bought the impact driver from Amazon for £30 and extra 4AH battery for £24 . So great little set for £164 . Pretty powerful for 10.8v . The impact will drive in 100mm screws but obviously it’s not designed for that !

MAKITA DLX2221BJ 18V BRUSHLESS 2 PIECE KIT £189.95 @ Fast fix
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Posted 3rd Jun 2018Posted 3rd Jun 2018
MAKITA DLX2221BJ 18V BRUSHLESS 2 PIECE KIT £189.95 @ Fast fix
Makita impact driver and Combi drill set DHP483 18v Brushless Combi Drill DTD155 18v Brushless Impact Driver Included DHP483 18v Brushless Combi Drill DTD155 18v Brushless … Read more

Hi all. I have read the comments but can those in the know please clarify for me as I need to buy an impact driver today. Item will be used for replacing some rotten deck and floor boards and other DIY around the house. Should I get the DTD155ZB sub-compact (the one in this kit) or the cheaper DTD152z? I already have a drill driver from a previous purchase so will share the battery. Price difference between the 2 bare units is £20 so just want to get the better item. Thanks


Cheers man! Sadly I was too slow to jump on it and the price raised within an hour of me posting to £270 (after discount code made it around £240 so nowhere near the deal I was getting). The wait for a new super deal starts again. I hear you on the DeWalt specs/value but I've never warmed to the brand so it will forever bug me and I won't get that warm fuzzy feeling inside when I come to using it. Y'know that feeling when you're using the thing you REALLY want? (nerd) My Dad always used Makita so it's been the brand I've wanted to use too when I'm a BIG BOY! I also warm to Bosch (Blue). It's the same reason my laundry goods are Miele, my sink is a Franke and my hand tools are a mix of Bahco/C.K and Halfords Pro. I get joy out of using all of them as they're are what I want to use not what made the most sense on paper. It's just one of those blokey things we all do. I can only imagine how good a brand new Makita brushless motor will smell through the cooling vents! Hmmm... (cheeky)


Picture does need changing, Very miss leading, Maybe a sin that I voted hot on picture alone without reading, Been here long enough to know better, But I bet I'm not the only one.


Again not necessarily. I've just compared the weights of the brushed and brushless versions on one of my drills (not Makita) and they're exactly the same, and the top-of-the range brushless one is heavier again. So again it's likely something that varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model.


Thanks a lot for replying. I understood brushless also usually means lighter, which I think I'd have liked over the heavy brushed drill I own.

Makita DTD154z Bare  impact driver - £99.95 @ FastFix
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Posted 17th Feb 2018Posted 17th Feb 2018
Best price by far for the dtd154z. According to ukcamel it’s cheapest has been £116 on Amazon. This version is brushless and has the 3 sped mode for driving. Note this is a bare … Read more
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Fastfix confirmed basically what you said, Additionally makita direct confirmed everything was as should and date/serials all check out.


It's plausible- they could be metric in Japan rather than the imperial UK ones. I know they do both 1/2" and 12mm routers, depending on the market (though that's probably just a different collet). But the metric counterpart of 1/4" tends to be 6mm (rather than the direct equivalent of 6.35mm), which would mean a 1/4" bit wouldn't fit at all, rather than having play. So I don't know. Definitely worth looking into though before you take the plunge.


It's probably split from a pack. I wouldn't worry about it, it's fairly common practice. I've had drills and batteries arrive the same way from other sellers, they're just taking a kit and selling all the components separately.


Yes that’s my point I have emailed and asked. Over the past two months I bought the jigsaw,orbit sander and hoover all of which Came in its own box with Makita paper work. So I am A little sceptical about what I received!


Ah right! Yeah mine come like that too. I’ve never bought a bare unit before so wasn’t sure how they came. Didn’t seem quite how it should from manufacture though !!

makita impact driver dtd 154z £99.99 @ Fastfix
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Posted 31st Jan 2018Posted 31st Jan 2018
makita impact driver dtd 154z £99.99 @ Fastfix
cheapest I've seen . here's some specs Makita DTD154Z 18V Li-ion Brushless Impact Driver Bare UnitFeatures:Makita DTD154Z: The DTD154 brushless impact driver features high oper… Read more

What ?


You must be having a laugh


I have this and highly recommend it. It has loads of grunt plus you can adjust the speed. 5/5 ++


Very good deal. Bought this a year ago for £120 and still haven't used it, lol. Oh well. With the value of the pound Makita gear seems to be going up in price a lot. A lot of the same models cost more now than they did a year or two ago. So good deal.

Makita BL1830B 18v 3.0ah battery £29.95 + £6.95 postage @ Fastfix
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Posted 26th Dec 2017Posted 26th Dec 2017
Makita BL1830B 18v 3.0ah battery £29.95 + £6.95 postage @ Fastfix
Makita BL1830B 3.0ah battery currently £29.95, BL1840b 4.0ah £39.95 & BL1850b £49.95. Delivery is free on orders over £99 or £6.95 on orders under. Still very good prices even… Read more

Gone up 10 pounds now, so 40 50 and 60 respectively


Great price for genuine makita


Very good price and the 4ah battery at £39.99 plus postage is good too.


I went for the 5ah for £49.95, same place. Free delivery when spending £99


Good price (y) Just be aware that these are the newer star protection batteries and will not work with older LXT tools. Check the tool has a yellow battery connection or is a star marked.

Makita 46cm Petrol Lawnmower £229.95 inc delivery at Fastfix
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Posted 3rd Jun 2016Posted 3rd Jun 2016
Makita 46cm Petrol Lawnmower £229.95 inc delivery at Fastfix
Makita PLM4626 140 cc Petrol Lawnmower I've been keeping tabs on this for a few months and finally took the plunge this week. Delivered next day for free (it arrived today :)). … Read more

Got this today and was a next day delivery. Only the top handle part that needed assemble, poured oil and put fuel in 1st pull started up, well impressed very solid mower plus the wheels and seems to be light to manoeuvre even to lift if necessary, plus 2yrs warranty. I was considering to buy a Mountfield from Screwfix but this won me over glad I choose this Great Buy


It's a push


At this price id want it to be self propelled- is it? Description makes no mention...


That Makita petrol stuff is very good. Hand made in Germany by another company they took over called Dolmar. Eg the cylinder blocks are cast in one piece. Most are two halves glued together.


Nice! I can't make my mind up between one like this or one that takes 2 x 18v Makita batteries. I think this one is a bit big for my garden

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Makita DK1829 6 Piece Kit Under £594.95 @ Fast Fix
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Posted 24th Apr 2014Posted 24th Apr 2014
Makita DK1829 6 Piece Kit Under £594.95 @ Fast Fix
Just bought myself one of these, this is a seriously good price, I rang up to check and it is genuine and not a mistaken price. I've bought off these guys before, a while back now,… Read more

Good price & a great bit of kit Heat!


They're not brushless no.


Are these the brushless motor tools like the Milwaukee power tools?


Great price. I just bought a Makita combi drill and impact driver for £282. Wish I'd waited for this. Heat!



Makita 36v LXT SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill - Body Only (BHR262Z) £149 @ fastfix
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Posted 2nd Jul 2013Posted 2nd Jul 2013
Makita 36v LXT SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill - Body Only (BHR262Z) £149 @ fastfix
£149.95 (Incl. VAT) normally sells for over £220 good if you already have 36v battery's or you could buy a BVCO1 Battery Converter which allows 2 18V Li-ion 30Ah batteries to be… Read more
Makita BDF456 (replaces BDF452) 18v Drill Driver + FREE Torch - Sold via FastFix £149.95
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Posted 30th Nov 2012Posted 30th Nov 2012
Makita BDF456 (replaces BDF452) 18v Drill Driver + FREE Torch - Sold via FastFix £149.95
This is a professional grade makita drill, with metal gears. Not to be compared with the cheaper makita 453 thats on offer at screwfix. Comes with a 3.0AH Li-Ion battery and a ch… Read more

More Jap kit being made in the PRC


Makita seem to have fixed their new drills for the battery drying issue. In 458, the inbuilt battery tester showed that that the battery still had low charge, but the drill would not budge which is good news for the li-ion batteries.


Thanks maverik. I have a 451 which has served me well for many years. Never had gearbox issues, other than occasionally struggling to get the 3rd gear. Have changed brushes on it a few times. The 458 should last years... just be careful how you treat the li-ion batteries.


After deliberation over the holiday period i upgraded the BDF456 to a BHP458 by paying the difference of £50 yesterday before they could ship the BDF456 . The increase of power and hammer mode swayed me away. I was reluctant to get the BHP451 due to gearbox issues and them running batteries to death. The BHP458 being their new line should have fixed all the old niggling issues. The BHP458 is a 2 speed combi but packs more power than the mighty BHP451 (40/80 Nm for 451 vs 44/88Nm for 458). It has the new motor from Makita, which i think is stubbier and heavier than the one in BHP 451.. For sure this is a wrist breaker if not used with care. At the current BHP451 price of £199 the BHP458 seems to be a bargain. One thing i noticed from other drills is that how big the re-designed grip was (I have used 451 and other Bosch 18v ones). It feels great for my above average sized hands but my other half found it tough and has told me that she will only use the old drill. I know this drill is too much for occasional DIY use, but i do not want a tool to fail after 2 or 3 years when the warranty has run out... i know batteries will, but those are easy to replace. BTW Kingb4, they did not send the torch as i changed the order, but send me a tool belt and pouch, which not being a tradesman i don't think i will ever wear. That being said, I don't think i would have used if they had send me a torch because i have a Lithium powered 3 LED XML-T6 with me already.


Thanks Maverik - happy it has helped someone. Let me know if they send the torch. I wouldnt have paid for it previously, however now I have it, I use it all the time.

MLS100 255mm Mitre Saw - £99.95 @
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Posted 15th Nov 2012Posted 15th Nov 2012
MLS100 255mm Mitre Saw - £99.95 @
Looks like a cracking deal, around the £150 mark elsewhere. Great reviews on screwfix. Free delivery as well. Here is the blurb........ This entry level mitre saw has been added … Read more
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Thankyou very much for your post . I nearly bought one from Toolstation at £140 until I see your post .Thankyou and Happy New Year to you . Thanks again Kind Regards Peter.