Fat Friends - Series 1 To 3 (Box Set) (Six Discs) £6.95 Delivered dvd.co.uk

Fat Friends - Series 1 To 3 (Box Set) (Six Discs) £6.95 Delivered dvd.co.uk

Found 20th Oct 2007
Great price for this 6 DVD box set covering the all 3 series.

Quidco available at 4% also.

Complete episodes of the programme which addresses the far-reaching absurdities of dieting within the present day, by showing the trials and tribulations of eight different people who come together in their mutual aim to lose weight. Series 1: 1. Love Me Slender 2. Fat Chance 3. Fat Free 4. Growing Pains 5. Face The Fat 6. When The Fat Lady Sings Series 2: 1. Full Belly 2. Peaches And Dreams 3. Forty And In-Fat-uated 4. Sweet And Sour 5. In Full Bloom 6. Hunger Pangs Series 3: 1. Eat Your Heart Out 2. Leggs Over Easy 3. Food For Thought 4. Bacon, Bagels And The Bishop 5. Afters 6. Food Of Love
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Excellent price, nice find Bookie!
wow... bargain!
Voted Hot, Missus will love this
Thanks for this Bookie.
Heat applied.:thumbsup:
excellent deal thanks, i've ordered this for myself!
I watched a few of these but missed the rest - for that price its worth buying what I have seen of it is good

Wouldnt recommend buying it as a present for someone though! :giggle:
Thanks for that - I will keep it as a gift for xmas (for mum) she won't be offended!:thumbsup:
Good price, thanks Bookie!
Thanks ordered it. went through Quidco so might end up cheeped. loved the seris when it was on but it was that long ago i will look forward to watching it all over again.
Thanks again
From HMV web site

Fat Friends: Series 1/2/3: 6dvd: Box Set

Tv Series; Alison Steadman: Meera Syal: Josie Lawrence

More info

Release date: 21-3-2005 - usually ships within 3-5 days

DVD £54.99 Delivered
Price has been increased to £12.95 at dvd.co.uk

taxfreeshopping have now dropped their price to £7.75 but use the voucher code "CXP272" to get it for £6.25. Whether or not they will actually deliver is another matter :thumbsup: - 5% Quidco with these guys.

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Just had the dispatch email:
We thought you would like to know that the following items have been successfully processed and will shortly be dispatched to you by First Class post from our warehouse.

CDRP2108 Fat Friends - Series 1 To 3 (Box Set) (Six Discs)

Honoured @ OP price of £6.95 :thumbsup:
Marked as expired BTW as price still @ £12.95
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