Father Christmas Needs a Wee £2.99 delivered @ The Book People (£2.69 with voucher)

Father Christmas Needs a Wee £2.99 delivered @ The Book People (£2.69 with voucher)

Found 3rd Dec 2009
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At every house Father Christmas eats and drinks the tasty treats left for him, but when he reaches number ten he realises he's forgotten something important... Will he make it home before he has an accident? This hilariously naughty story is also a brilliant first counting book.



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This is nearly a £1 cheaper?


This is nearly a £1 cheaper?

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Excellent price

As I said before:

At each different house that he visits Father Christmas [COLOR="Red"]1. drinks and eats all the goodies left out for him[/COLOR]. [COLOR="red"]2. Before long he really, really, really needs a wee.[/COLOR] So much so that he even [COLOR="red"]3..forgets to leave the presents behind[/COLOR]. But he dashes back, delivers all the pressies and [COLOR="red"]4. flies home at high speed to avoid an embarassing accident [/COLOR]...there's just one tiny problem ...[COLOR="red"]5. he's lost his house key![/COLOR]
He has the following problems:
1. Alcoholism, obesity, drink sledeging :?
2. prostate problems :?
3. senile :?
4. possible incontinence, speeding :?
5. memory loss :?

Sounds like he really needs serious help. Book him in at the Docs ASAP
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