Father Ted Free Episode
Father Ted Free Episode

Father Ted Free Episode

Enjoy the Christmas Special of Father Ted for free, available to download from iTunes for free

12 Days. 12 Free Downloads. 26 Dec. – 6 Jan.
From 26 December to 6 January you and your friends can download a free song or music video, app, TV episode or film from some of the biggest star performers on iTunes. Each free download will be valid for 24 hours only.

To access the downloads, you will need to install iTunes and create an iTunes Store Account.


This was on tv a few days back


Useless for me because a while back from my DVDs I made an mp4 copy of every episode for my ipod.
I'm sure there will be plenty of takers for this though.

Can't get it to download, from the Quidco site the link to itunes wants me to download itunes, despite already loaded and open.

you can watch all these on 4od
i have evenm got the link for you, stop moaning at the OP

I know this is useful for those who don't know about the 12 Days of Christmas thing. But there is already a thread about it...

thank you

I used to love Father Ted but they've just repeated and repeated it in our area and I can't even watch it now, I just groan when I see it listed again but thanks anyway

Ah go on!
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