Father Ted - The Complete Box Set DVD £12.99 & FREE delivery @ Zavvi

Father Ted - The Complete Box Set DVD £12.99 & FREE delivery @ Zavvi

Found 29th Jan 2015
Now at the lowest price I have seen it in a while, so now is the time to buy. Go on go on go on....

Voted Channel 4's greatest comedy show by viewers.

The four-time BAFTA award-winning Father Ted tells the hilarious tale of three Irish priests and their housekeeper. Life is hard for Ted (Dermot Morgan). Exiled to the remote Craggy Island (for reasons which never quite become clear but may have something to do with missing Church funds), he is forced to share a house with three of the most difficult people in Ireland...

First there's Father Jack (Frank Kelly), who has not been sober since 1936 and has a vocabulary which extends to three words - only two of them printable. Then there's Father Dougal (Ardal O'Hanlan): young, innocent and almost inconceivably stupid. And finally, Mrs Doyle (Pauline McLynn) the overly-attentive housekeeper who has one sole purpose in life - to supply the priests with cups of tea, usually against their will. Will the four of them ever be able to live in faithful harmony?

This 5 disc complete boxset has been designed by renowned cartoonist and illustrator Tony Millionaire and includes collectible art cards of his drawings. Contains all episodes from all three series plus loads of extras!

Special Features:

Commentary by Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews for Series 1 and 2 (Recorded 2012)
Cast and Writer's Commentaries on All Episodes
Small, Far Away: The World of Father Ted
Father Ted Win Channel 4's 30 Greatest Comedy Show
Interview with Writers
Tedfest 2007: A Very Ted Weekend
Comedy Connections
Comic Relief with Ted and Dougal
Tedfest 2007: Two Tribes Go to War
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Seen them all, what a brilliant show!

Seen them all, what a brilliant show!

I really enjoyed the documentary as well, "small far away", just fantastic...
Love this show! Nothing beats a bunch of priests trying to escape a lingerie department
Love it
Luckily, I happen to have £12.99 just "resting in my account" to buy this.
Always makes me laugh, what a well written / acted comedy. Hot!
^^^^ brilliant!
I don't belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve it!

I don't belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve it!

I bet no one ever says that to him X)
The picnic scene is one of my favourites, "You're in my fupping spot, fupp off you grasshole."
so good
Awesome! I'd be all over this if I didn't already have it! Heat added!
Best show ever!!!
"...so that's the plan...ANOTHER mass"
While you were out, I got the keys to your car and drove it into a big wall and if you don't like it, tough! I've had my fun, and that's all that matters.
Two words:- 'A Classic'.

If you've not already done so, go out and buy this. One of the best comedy shows of all time.
Just a note that all of them are available on 4OD, but it's a good price for a boxset to have them on the go, so heated.
Down with this sort of thing
Careful now
We're really looking forward to your entry.
Thank you great deal
Best Irish comedy show ever , unless you count Mrs Browns Boys.

Fortunately, I can`t count, but I can sing !

"My lovely,lovely,lovely Horse...."

Edited by: "tiberious" 29th Jan 2015
Which was is the exit?

Best Irish comedy show ever , unless you count Mrs Browns Boys.

I don't believe it!

Heat OP
"So, I hear you're a racist now father."
Great price for one of the funniest shows ever made. Heat from me and thanks for making me spend another £12.99. This site is costing me a fortune to save a fortune. LOL.
speed episode classic!
Those women were in the nip!
**** biscuits!

Best Irish comedy show ever , unless you count Mrs Browns … Best Irish comedy show ever , unless you count Mrs Browns Boys.Fortunately, I can`t count, but I can sing !

This urinates over Mrs Browns Boys
Darn, I hope clicked this showing at £1.

F*ck, Drink !
The best show of all time. I once met somebody who said The Big Bang Theory was loads better than this. I went and had a little cry.
My favourite episode? All of them.
hot at any price
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