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Posted 8 September 2023

Father Ted - The Definitive Collection DVD (used) with code

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Product Description
This is the definitive collection of Father Ted!

Re-packaged and with additional menus, Father Ted: The Definitive Collection Box Set includes all the episodes in the three-year series and lots more fabulous extras.

Additional features:
Father Ted comedy connections
Comic Relief with Ted and Dougal
US interviews with Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews
Tedfest 2007: A Very Ted Weekend & Two Tribes go to War
Dougals US pledges

Craggy Island memories
Dougals favourite memories
Dougals favourite sound effects
Photo gallery.
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  1. jamgin's avatar
    Make the most of this classic comedy by co writer Graham Linehan as thanks to 'freedom of speech' we may never see another comedy show penned by him

    For anybody who has never seen Father Ted I would recommend the episode where they are on holiday in a tiny caravan. If you don't laugh until you cry then you are already dead
    deleted2904274's avatar
    He still has freedom of speech, it's just that normal people steer clear of him. Even his own ex wife and kids.
  2. majorwedgy666's avatar
    Back when there was genuine comedy
  3. JimDiGriz's avatar
    I hear you're a bit of a racist now Father!
  4. maccalen's avatar
    One of the best series' ever.
  5. TBC15's avatar
    Fascists dress in black and go around telling people what to do, whereas priests.
  6. Dorian_Mangel's avatar
  7. jockydee79's avatar
    Feck off cup!
  8. gxw's avatar
    down with this sort of thing!
    JohnThompson's avatar
    Careful now
  9. Badonkadonk's avatar
    aaaahhh they don’t make ‘em like this anymore. SUBLIME comedy and still as good now as ever. Have some Pat Mustard HEAT 🔥
  10. sparky_'s avatar
    deleted1949126's avatar
    FECK! (edited)
  11. RedNWhite's avatar
  12. areyousure's avatar
    Is there anything to be said for saying another mass? Just a small one
    pfarre10's avatar
    that would be an ecumenical matter
  13. krs's avatar
    These ones are small and these ones are far away
  14. C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    Ah go on, go on, go on, go on.
  15. StevenStanley's avatar
    I love my brick
  16. CatsWithThumbs's avatar
    Nuns! Nuns! Reverse! Reverse!
  17. smallsteve's avatar
    Father Jack, have you been drinking Toilet Duck again?
  18. philrrobinson's avatar
    Cup of tea Father.
  19. Martin_Cruse-Stoddart's avatar
    "Here, which one do you prefer, Oasis or Blur?"
    jamgin's avatar
  20. snoopy18's avatar
    Ride me sideways 
  21. Damo2345's avatar
    Anyone know the difference between the complete boxset and the definitive collection? Is there any editing/censoring on these or on channel 4 online? Thanks
    JimDiGriz's avatar
    Definitely no censoring on this one - Ive got it already, really nice set.
  22. Shadysmalls's avatar
    Ah go on then…
  23. chunkyboymania's avatar
    IIIIIIIIIIIIIII Don't beliiiievvve it?
  24. JCP11's avatar
    Guess what Ted?
  25. Jevarell's avatar
    How come it says BBC video on the cover, I'm sure this was on Channel 4?
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