Faux Mongolian Cushion in Cream for £3.00 & use FRIENDS voucher to further reduce price

Faux Mongolian Cushion in Cream for £3.00 & use FRIENDS voucher to further reduce price

Found 7th Sep 2006
Add a touch of elegance to your room with this cream faux mongolian cushion.

It's faux mongolian fur (so no animals were killed to make it) and if you compare it with the other fur cushions it's about 7 times less expensive ('cept for the Linda Barker cushion of course).

Using the FRIENDS code the price is further reduced (but as I'm horrid at maths aside from the fact that I'm not quite sure how much the FRIENDS voucher is worth with this specific item) you can get this lovely cushion at a bargain price! Have to hurry!

Hope someone finds this useful!

- AngelUndercover


Once again £2.40 with friends discount. If you apply it to your acount angel, you'll see how much discount it is on each individual product.

I'll add a pic as well.

(You add the web address of the image you want in the Image URL field wen submitting a deal)

will any body tell me what friend's voucher? i seing on so many offer!!!

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Pricedrop - if you stick the code [COLOR="Lime"]FRIENDS[/COLOR] into where it asks for a promotional code/voucher then the final price is reduced by a certain amount as explained below.

10% off Entertainment section
20% off nearly everything

This discount is valid only between 02 -10 Sep 2006

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thanks emma i'll try it with the next one mwah

thanks i will get some of these great deal

thank you just purchased 4 plus numorous other things .voted hot .

Thanks angel,bought 4 and change out of a tenner to boot.
Voted + and repped :thumbsup:

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yay! gotta make use of the FRIENDS code while we can!
I got two myself.....now I'm gonna need these in chocolate too!!! Hope they misprice or something quickly

That's great to know. Just finished my lounge and need some new cushions. I didn't know about that code either. Picking up some great tips.
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