FCUK LCD 512mb MP3 Player

FCUK LCD 512mb MP3 Player

Found 16th Dec 2006
Get this mp3 player from pc world in store with a masive 67% off..

Bring on the noise

Take the world of FCUK into your music with the FCUK LCD player. With 512 Mb of internal memory it stores up to 160 songs.

Just because youre out and about it doesnt mean you have to put up with bad sound. Using the players 4 preset equalisers you can adjust the bass and treble the way it should be.

Apart from brilliant sound the FCUK LCD offers a voice recording function and a battery life of 8 hours.


# Store up to 160 MP3 songs
# Voice recording function
# 8 hours battery life
# 4 preset equalisers


Very nice find

Thanks edna_clouds Adding an image to your post ...

damn it not in any of the stores by me, great find and price though

Can't find one nearby either but a hot price nonetheless

Great price. Thanks for posting

they reduce the prices and you can't find it anywhere, this is happening all the time.
thanks edna

None anywhere I've tried either.

Thanks for the post though edna_clouds

Thats cos pcworld dixons and currys put these scams on all the time to get people on there sites.

None available by me either
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