F.E.A.R 2 XBOX 360 - Pre Owned £3.99 Delivered @ Gamestation
F.E.A.R 2 XBOX 360 - Pre Owned £3.99 Delivered @ Gamestation

F.E.A.R 2 XBOX 360 - Pre Owned £3.99 Delivered @ Gamestation

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Seems a good price for a decent game, pre owned.


Fun game and good price, got this at full price and still enjoyed it.


have some heat

not a game for kids... very scary in some parts and im a grown man

i rented this when it came out and it was quite good... worth 3.99

I paid £40 and didnt regret a thing. Great single player game.

Not a patch on the first, good price but hardly an epic game.

Yeah first game was excellent especially if you like horror movies.

I loved the first, played it through the first time, in the dark.... scared the bejesus out of me at times, lol. Might give this a whirl at £4

Whats the actual gameplay like ?. I looking at my GT I have played the original but remember very little about the "feel" of the game.

Ordered thank you

FEAR one was balls explodingly awesome, this game not so much. It's good but there's no atmosphere and they chose action over scare factor at every oppurtunity.

Still looking forward to F3AR though, fingers crossed.

thank you ,,just ordered,,i like fear games..

want to order but first I wanted to attach my gamestation card that I got instore to my online account. Entering it in the correct area gives me a error message and tells me to call them.

Has anyone else had this problem ?. I have had my online account for a good 5+ years and the card was obtained instore mid last year. Are they classed as two different accounts or ...

I will give them a ring but if its a simple case of them being two separate accounts I will just use the cards one.
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