Featherstone Ruby Cabernet Shiraz  75cl £4.59 @ Morrisons

Featherstone Ruby Cabernet Shiraz 75cl £4.59 @ Morrisons

Found 17th Sep 2015
Enjoy 6 bottles of Red wine for only £12.54!! =£2.09 per bottles cheaper than a bottle of 2 ltr pop.

So what you will need for the deal is a Morrisons match n more card. You will need to buy Featherstone Ruby Cabernet Shiraz 75cl £4.59 per bottle, but each bottle has 2,500 more points attached to it, so you will get £15 straight back in more vouchers for your next shop.

Featherstone Colombard Viognier 75cl did have the points attached last week as well, but the they have since removed them according to the site, but they were valued until 29/09/2015. IF for any reason the 15,000 more points don’t add, contact the 0345 number on your match n more card, complain and they will give you an extra 5,000-10,000 points as compo so really you are getting six bottles for free!!!
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How do you get a match n more card? Thanks
Where on earth are you shopping that a bottle of 'pop' costs more the £2? Also, as usual, none of these alcohol deals are applicable in Scotland
I'm assuming this is an Online offer only??
Didn't go on straight away, phoned Match and More number who said they couldn't help and gave me this number of customer services 01274 268960 who put them on but no offer of compo.
how are you getting 6 bottles for 12 quid the voucher cant be use till your next shop?so you are paying £27.00
tempting. thanks OP. but I must mention a few points here, when match n more was introduced, Morrison's bungled it. I had to call customer service and complained. they are a real pain. few times more points are not updated automatically. sometimes less match points are awarded. it appears to be random. I had to spend quite a lot of time on phone and haggled. finally I did squeeze them. I bought few bottles of ardmore legacy, few single malt, grants family reserve anscthornton chocolates free for Christmas presents ! you have to work hard with Morrison's. but this offer us good.
how is this wine ? OP did you try ?

How do you get a match n more card? Thanks

​ask the customer service desk at the store or apply online
Please can anyone send me a screenshot of the deal showing the points, or tell me how to access google cache which might show the offer?
Many thanks.
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