Febreze air freshener @ Poundland

Febreze air freshener @ Poundland

Found 20th Feb 2011
Febreze limited edition (Winter evening and Apple spice) found in Harrow Poundland.
Original price over £3.
Next cheapest found in wilkinsons for £2.
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They always stink of chemicals , not nice
I like them personally.

They always stink of chemicals , not nice

Otherwise known as a fragrance - everything is a chemical.
These were 1.00 in tesco a couple weeks ago as well, Got the cotton fresh one, and its quite nice.

I spray it in the air out take of the vacuum cleaner and makes everywere smell nice.

Dont worry its a old cleaner so not worry about it breaking, but it hasnt so far.. LOL
Have seen this product in my local Poundland too, I don't buy Febreeze.
The cotton fresh one is lovely, find this air freshener actually works and covers the smell.
Frebreze = must add students or animals
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Your title and description has incorrect spelling. Thanks for posting!
Corrected, thanks
What a great buy - I have seen these in a few Poundland stores, either cotton fresh or apple spice - normally over £3 elsewhere!!
These r good until they get blocked and inevitably stop spraying!
In case some people haven't realised it yet, I thought point add that this is an air freshener, like a can of glade or something, and not the liquid spray onto fabric type febreze that people generally link with students and not actually washing things!

Unless I'm missing something and only students produce smells that require an air freshener!?

I quite like the apple spice one actually...

OP how could it have an original price of £3 if it's in Poundland?


Poundland posts are a waste of everyone's time
It would have been alot easier if you put the actual price in the subject op...

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FACT.Poundland posts are a waste of everyone's time

If you'd rather pay more for the same item, you go ahead and do that.
heat for it being in the Harrow poundland lol

Otherwise known as a fragrance - everything is a chemical.

Fragrance is supposed to smell nice. A chemical smell is not pleasant.
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