Feed your family for £50 @ sainsburys
Feed your family for £50 @ sainsburys

Feed your family for £50 @ sainsburys

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Sainsburys have launched a new campaign to help you feed your family for less for the entire week. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
And tbh the meals don't look too bad, there's a roast dinner for sunday, Meatballs with spaghetti on monday etc.

Worth a look and a try. You might save some money


Great if you wanna lose weight! Id be slipping into a coma by the 3rd day due to malnutrition.

not really a deal, it's just a way of advising people how to spend £50 on instore products, to feed the family for a week...

Apparently, you have to drink water as it isn't included in the price!

Seems quite good though, a;though there is the "from your store cupboard" bit which is a slight con

lol jam on toast

Its nourishment we want not punishment..Jam on toast.,cheese sandwich and pasta 4 tea.Yummo

Sainsburys is the dearest of the big 4 supermarkets and the quality for their fresh produce has gone right downhill imo.

Please note you will need to add 2kg loose carrots, 4 loose onions, 1kg … Please note you will need to add 2kg loose carrots, 4 loose onions, 1kg red seedless grapes, 400g loose sweet potatoes, 3 loaves Sainsbury's wholemeal bread, 2 tins Sainsbury's reduced salt baked beans in tomato sauce, 200g loose tomatoes, 2 tins Sainsbury's cream of tomato soup, 2 tins Sainsbury's pink salmon.Items from your store cupboard: dried mixed herbs, garlic cloves, olive oil, tomato puree, vegetable stock cube, beef stock cubes, plain flour, mustard, chicken stock cube.

How much will all that add to the £50..

My advice is to buy a slow cooker if you want to save money. We use ours a lot and with a bit of canny buying stuff like sausage casserole costs hardly anything and feeds the 4 of us for 2 days.

We dont spend 200 per month on food. and we manage to eat steak ect..
We just bulk buy when meat is half price and fruit and veg and bread. 2 adults and 2 kids.
We maybe spend 150 ish and we eat great, bought monkfish in makro the other day for 8.00 per kilo and salmon for 5.00 a kilo. buy lots of salmon, and that will sort us for a month or 2

This made me smile! I'm currently "Living Below The Line".....a charity challenge to live for 5 days on no more than £1 a day for all of my food........

for more info, check out....


Shop at Aldi for the basics - Much cheaper!!

WTF are Sainsburys playing at? This is laughable, and what's more, it is just common sense. If you just have small, cheap meals you wont spend as much. So this needs Sainsbury's to provide meal plans (toast with jam!!!)? And they think you will click through to buy their cheapo budget brands online? What a joke.

They are putting £10m behind this! What about fruit and snacks etc? One slice of bread with egg mayonaise wouldn't keep me going after jam on toast for brekky.


Shop at Aldi for the basics - Much cheaper!!

And Lidl's They have some great deals and you can often find some interesting stuff not available from the bigger supermarkets.

I think I would die from boredom with meals like that.

After spending time abroad, I realised how people mostly buy ingredients by the carrier-bag for shockingly low prices, rather than pre-packaged rip-off crap in brightly coloured infantile packaging with it's patronising claims and slogans..

We just go to LIDL & ALDI and local shops, such as Savers, Birds the confectioner, the butchers, the greengrocer (although LIDL & ALDI for most fruit & Veg).

My parents can do 2-4 people for about £30 per week and that is because they actually make food and rarely eat microwave products(and the ones they do, if they cut them out would save them at least £5-£10 a week)

Thats because there is little waste and food is cooked fresh and often leftovers are lunch the next day.

Am i missing something , wheres the deal , i had this flyer put through my door . Its laughable, for the weeks breakfast it alternates between cereal and toast and then on the weekend you have a bacon sandwhich . Woo .


All £50 meal plans have been based on average portion sizes and analysed by nutritionists at British Nutrition Foundation to ensure that they achieve dietary recommendations, alongside healthy snacks and drinks.

If they are spending £10 million to advertise this why not drop their prices by 10m instead to help us all out. What about washing and personal items eh? You got to buy loo roll. What about our beloved pets? there is no way anyones shopping bill can be £50 a week. Feeding us on bread and stodge - lovely. My shopping bill a couple of years back used to be £80 now its £120 plus for exactly the same stuff and that is with no frills or booze (even though they sell it cheap!!) And I am sick and tired of hearing every day how much profit Tescos makes - yeah thanks supermarkets - pray on the needy eh!!
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