Fein multi tool

Fein multi tool

Found 7th Apr 2016
A really good deal on a really good multi tool.

General this manual one hovers around £110


Ah forgot, it's excl vat. Rubbish deal.
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I've had a fein, and a bosch professional, and the fein is way better. good price
Sorry to say op your price needs VAT added to it makes it £107.99 and this is the old model, not so bad if using it once in a blue moon as the blade change uses an allen key painful if changing blades alot. The newer model 350 uses quick change. Before you buy this one check out some reviews between the two and the other brands as they all have good and bad points and not all can use any clip in tool brand.
Amazing tool
I have the 350, came with lots of blades. Paid just over £200 for it. Better value IMHO.
I ended up going to http://www.powertoolworld.co.uk/fein-fmt250sl-starlock-plus-multitalent-start-240v#gref.

Couldn't justify more than £200, went to Saxton for some more blades.
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