Feliway Cat Natural Spray and Room Difusser - £6.25 instore @ Boots

Feliway Cat Natural Spray and Room Difusser - £6.25 instore @ Boots

LocalFound 12th Mar 2013
If your a cat lover and may have used this already or thinking about purchasing one then look at your local store first.

Many times I have put off buying these as they are very expensive, to my surprise I was in my local store (Hartlepool) and found both Cat and Dog Calming products drastically reduced. I bought two Diffusers and two sprays and cost me the total of £25, £6.25 each!. There were about a dozen or so of sprays and diffusers left on the shelve and a lot more dog ones there too. Now I can't guarantee that your store will have them and they will be reduced but it's worth the look, as both can be above and exceed £25 sometimes.

Just checked website and only advertises spray at £24.99!.
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OH paid about £25 at the vets for this. So Hot!
@fatalerror - ditto!!
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will be checking tomorrow, thanks x
good luck with this, some cats take to it and others don't. Mine seemed to be doped up on the old bob hope for the first two days, then went back to being as wild as tasmanian devil. Good if it works though
Where would these be in a Boots store?
Info from Boots below.

Anyone have experience with these?

Feliway Natural Spray helps reduce or prevent feline stress.
Feliway Spray helps:
Stop or prevent urinary marking.
Stop vertical scratching.
Comfort the cat in the unknown or stressful environment (basket, cage, car, on holiday, new home etc...).
Feliway Spray may used in other specific cases and we advise you to discuss the use of the product with your veterinary surgeon.
F3 fraction of feline facial pheromone...10%
Ethanol (90%) q.s ...60ml
How to Use
Always read the product information before use.
Before applying Feliway Spray, clean areas marked with urine using only water and surgical spirit.
Apply Feliway Spray daily on all areas where the cat has previously marked and on other prominent objects in the home, i.e. side of chairs, tables, doors etc.
Apply a single dose (1 pump of the spray) at about 10cm from the site and at about 20cm from the floor. Increase the application to twice a day when several cats are present in the home.
Use for at least 30 days. For multicat households and older cats, use for at least 45 days.
Do not spray when your cat(s) is in the room. Wait 15 minutes before letting them re-enter as the initial smell of the alcohol in Feliway Spray may upset them.
Hazards and Cautions
Should be allowed to come up to room temperature by leaving it in the room for about one hour before using it. Do not use disinfectants, bleach, biological detergents or deodorises to clean affected area as they will interfere with the action of Feliway.
DO NOT SPRAY DIRECTLY ON ANIMALS. KEEP OUT OF REACH AND SIGHT OF CHILDREN. Feliway is not a veterinary medicine. If there are signs of disease, consult your veterinary surgeon. Keep away from sources of ignition. No smoking. Keep container tightly closed. Store at room temperature. Highly flammable.
Thanks for sharing @ Jeepers Creepers.

Amyc I found them in the health area, it was below a shelf with blood pressure cuffs on.
FTCom I found my kitten didn't take to it at first either but he seems to have settled now. I turn my diffuser on for a few days and then off again, my last one lasted for about two months as I did have it on all day and apparently it helps when introducing a new thing to your home like a child or furniture which could disrupt their behaviour. My cat started misbehaving and appeared upset as he lost his sibling and the vet put it down to separation anxiety. I was tempted to get another cat so he could play with them but when I had the two they fought over my attention and I feel if I just keep the one I can give all my attention to him. He's an odd little cat, I sometimes find him sat on my chest in the morning, beats getting a cat sit on your face like my friend has had lol
I've just had this recommended to me, so will def be popping into boots to see if i can get some at this price, thanks!
Good to hear you just found out @ MissNix. I'm sure people will buy a few at this price.
My mother has started using this to help settle her two very nervous adult rescue cats that she has just recently adopted. Seems to be helping so far. They were so relaxed at the weekend that they even let me trim their claws despite me being a stranger to them! For this price well worth a try.
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