Felix As Good As It Looks 12x100g pouches 2 for £5 at Asda

Felix As Good As It Looks 12x100g pouches 2 for £5 at Asda

Found 8th Feb 2010
Been looking for a good deal on Felix As Good As It Looks for ages and this looks as cheap as ever. This is 2 for a fiver across the As Good As It Looks range including kitten food which is £4.35 alone.
48 packs are currently £15.79 at Pets at Home which means you could get 72 from Asda for 15 quid and still have 79p spare.
Stock up while the price is good!


That moggy has obviously been on the game! ;-)

Is that Keyser Söze?

just got £100 worth, my cat's demand this stuff, they turn their nose's up to anything else, at this price i will be getting some more, thanks SugarRay:thumbsup:

forgot to mention..also a fantastic price! (my one looks like that but slightly more white) rep added

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Has Already been posted, … Has Already been posted, http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/602546/felix-as-good-as-it-looks-pouches-1

My apologies, it wasn't for the sake of looking I can assure you all :-(

:thumbsup:good price, like the piccy of the cat

ive been stocking up on the kitten food everytime i go in the store [most days] as you can never get kitten food on offer so that alone makes it a very good deal! havent bougt the adult food as we stocked up on the old morrisons offer of £2.12 a pack:thumbsup:
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