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Felix Cat Pouches Fish In Jelly 100g 12 Pouches - £8.99 (Prime) £13.48 (Non Prime) @ Amazon

Felix Cat Pouches Fish In Jelly 100g 12 Pouches - £8.99 (Prime) £13.48 (Non Prime) @ Amazon

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Posted 8th May
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12 pouches 8.99 that ain't good
12 pouch? Isn’t this double the normal price
12 packets only, a big cold from me.
It's around £3 - £4.50 in supermarkets, even in the co-op it won't be this high
Normal price for these is about £3...?
Must be a mistake.will be for 40 I reckon
That's crazy expensive
Even for a fat cat this is cold.
Worst "deal" ever. And it's not even AGAIL.
This is fantastic. Please, just for a laugh, how much do you normally pay for cat food that this constitutes a deal? £1 a pouch?
Even harrods aren't this expensive
Was £16.60 for 12 packets? Are these packets of cat caviar?
Um these are £3.50 in Sainsbury's , Wilko and Tesco, this is a terrible deal lol
Amazon dynamic pricing, well over priced for twelve pouches. 🥶🥶🥶🥶
I'm used to paying somewhere in the region of £25 for 120 pouches. This would come in at £90 for that many!
Even Amazon is not generally this dear:…b_1

Poster: you are not the seller are you?
Poor deal. £22 for 120 pouches at Farm foods of Whiskas.
This really is one of the worst deals I’ve ever seen on here. Can anyone enlighten me as to why it’s been posted ??
£8.99 for 12 pouches....extortion
This was as high as £22 on 26th March so compared to that then this is a fantastic deal :-)
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