Felix Roast Show 14/07-30/09/07

Felix Roast Show 14/07-30/09/07

Found 10th Jul 2007
The FELIX RoastShow is touring all over Britain and is bound to come to a supermarket near you. So why not come along and see what the rush is about and get your free sample, coupons and cat-icature of your little rascal.

Kent Roastshow Brybrook, Sainsbury's 14/07/07
Kent Roastshow Crayford, Sainsbury's 15/07/07
Essex Roastshow Romford Gallows Corner, Tesco 19/07/07
Essex Roastshow Haverhill, Sainsbury's 20/07/07
Essex Roastshow Rayleigh Weir, Sainsbury's 21/07/07
Kent Roastshow Sidcup, Tesco 22/07/07
Leicester Roastshow Fosse Park, Enderby, Sainsbury's 26/07/07
Leicester Roastshow Leicester, Asda 27/07/07
Midlands Roastshow Dudley, Tesco 28/07/07
Suffolk Roastshow Bury St. Edmunds, Sainsbury's 29/07/07
Surrey Roastshow New Malden, Tesco 01/08/07
Surrey Roastshow Water Lane, Sainsbury's 02/08/07
Surrey Roastshow Aldershot, Tesco 03/08/07
Surrey Roastshow Watchmoor Park, Camberley, Sainsbury's 04/08/07
Surrey Roastshow Kiln Lane, Sainsbury's 05/08/07
West Sussex Roastshow Horsham, Sainsbury's 09/08/07
Berkshire Roastshow Taplow, Sainsbury's 10/08/07
Berkshire Roastshow Newbury Extra, Tesco 11/08/07
Surrey Roastshow Brookwood, Knaphill, Sainsbury's 12/08/07
Essex Roastshow Springfield, Sainsbury's 16/08/07
Essex Roastshow Colchester Extra, Tesco 17/08/07
Essex Roastshow Southend, Tesco 18/08/07
Essex Roastshow Pitsea Extra, Tesco 19/07/08
Kent Roastshow Tunbridge Wells, Sainsbury's 23/08/07
West Sussex Roastshow East Grinstead, Sainsbury's 24/08/07
Brighton Roastshow Havant, Asda 25/08/07
Brighton Roastshow West Hove, Sainsbury's 26/08/07
Hampshire Roastshow Kempshot, Sainsbury's 30/08/07
South Coast Roastshow P/Mouth nth Harbour Ext, Tesco 31/08/07
Southampton Roastshow Totton, Asda 01/09/07
Southampton Roastshow Hedge End, Sainsbury's 02/09/07
Devon Roastshow Alphington Road, Sainsbury's 06/09/07
Devon Roastshow Lee Mill Extra, Tesco 07/09/07
Devon Roastshow Torquay, Sainsbury's 08/09/07
Devon Roastshow Newton Abbot, Tesco 09/09/07
South West Roastshow Taunton, Asda 13/09/07
Somerset Roastshow Yeovil, Tesco 14/09/07
Witshire Roastshow Salisbury, Tesco 15/09/07
Hampshire Roastshow Burlesdon Towers Extra, Tesco 16/09/07
South West Roastshow Longwell, Asda 20/09/07
South West Roastshow Patchway, Asda 21/09/07
South West Roastshow Trowbridge, Tesco 22/09/07
South West Roastshow Witney, Sainsbury's 23/09/07
Lincolnshire Roastshow Stamford Uffington Rd, Morrisons 27/09/07
Lincolnshire Roastshow Spalding Pinchbeck, Morrisons 28/09/07
Midlands Roastshow Maypole , Sainsbury's 29/08/07
Midlands Roastshow Kidderminster, Tesco 30/08/07
Yorkshire Roastshow Sheffield Halfway, Morrisons 12/07/07
Yorkshire Roastshow Pudsey, Asda 13/07/07
Yorkshire Roastshow Leeds Hunslet, Morrisons 14/07/07
Yorkshire Roastshow Rotherham Catcliffe, Morrisons 15/07/07
Scotland Roastshow Livingston, Asda 19/07/07
Scotland Roastshow Edinburgh, Asda 20/07/07
North East Roastshow Boldon, Asda 21/07/07
North East Roastshow Darlington Morton Park, Morrisons 22/07/07
Yorkshire Roastshow Rotherham Bramley, Morrisons 26/07/07
Yorkshire Roastshow Wakefield, Asda 27/07/07
Yorkshire Roastshow Sheffield Hillsborough, Morrisons 28/07/07
Nottinghamshire Roastshow Nottingham Bulwell Leen Drive, Morrisons 29/07/07
Midlands Roastshow Minworth, Asda 02/08/07
Midlands Roastshow Queslet, Asda 03/08/07
Midlands Roastshow Kidderminster, Sainsbury's 04/08/07
Midlands Roastshow Great Bridge, Asda 05/08/07
Lancashire Roastshow Trafford Park, Asda 09/08/07
Yorkshire Roastshow Shorehead, Sainsbury's 10/08/07
Yorkshire Roastshow Cleethorpes Laceby, Morrisons 11/08/07
Yorkshire Roastshow Scarborough Eastfield, Morrisons 12/08/07
Liverpool Roastshow Aintree, Asda 16/08/07
Liverpool Roastshow Queensferry, Asda 17/08/07
Liverpool Roastshow Leigh, Asda 18/08/07
Liverpool Roastshow Bidston Moss Extra, Tesco 19/08/07
Derbyshire Roastshow Chesterfield Extra, Tesco 23/08/07
Nottinghamshire Roastshow Sutton Ashfield, Asda 24/08/07
Nottinghamshire Roastshow West Bridgford, Asda 25/08/07
Midlands Roastshow Coventry, Tesco 26/08/07
Yorkshire Roastshow Grimsby, Asda 30/08/07
Derbyshire Roastshow Mansfield, Asda 31/08/07
Derbyshire Roastshow Derby Wheatcroft Way, Morrisons 01/09/07
Derbyshire Roastshow Derby, Asda 02/09/07
Wales Roastshow Swansea, Tesco 06/09/07
Shropshire Roastshow Donnington Wood, Asda 07/09/07
Shropshire Roastshow Shrewsbury, Sainsbury's 08/09/07
Wirral Roastshow Bromborough, Asda 09/09/07
Lancashire Roastshow Rochdale Kingsway, Morrisons 13/09/07
Lancashire Roastshow Stoke Ridgeway Drive, Morrisons 14/09/07
Lancashire Roastshow Oldham Chadderton, Morrisons 15/09/07
Lancashire Roastshow Stockport Cheadle Heath, Morrisons 16/09/07
Lancashire Roastshow Southport Extra, Tesco 20/09/07
Lancashire Roastshow Preston Riverside, Morrisons 21/09/07
Lancashire Roastshow Blackpool Clifton Extra, Tesco 22/09/07
Yorkshire Roastshow Bradford Idle Enterprise, Morrisons 23/09/07
Yorkshire Roastshow Huddersfield Waterloo, Morrisons 27/09/07
Yorkshire Roastshow Barnsley Brampton, Morrisons 28/09/07
Yorkshire Roastshow Sheffield, Asda 29/09/07
Midlands Roastshow Scunthorpe, Morrisons 30/09/07

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