Fellini Box Set: Orchestra Rehearsal / And The Ship Sails On / Ginger And Fred DVD Boxset £8.04 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ The Hut

Fellini Box Set: Orchestra Rehearsal / And The Ship Sails On / Ginger And Fred DVD Boxset £8.04 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ The Hut

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Found 17th Feb 2009
Orchestra Rehearsal (1978): In this sly social and political allegory, an orchestra assembles for a rehearsal under the inquisitive lenses of a TV crew. With their bullish union officials lingering on the sidelines, the musicians introduce themselves one by one, expounding with wit, passion and rancour about the characteristics of their instruments. The rehearsal begins under the baton of an autocratic conductor, and soon the musicians' bawdy humour turns to anarchy as he tries to impose his will on this diverse group of players...

Featuring a superlative score from Nina Rota (The Godfather 1 & 2, expert cinematography from Guiseppe Rotunno (The Leopard) and ingenious production design from Dante Ferretti (Gangs of New York).

And The Ship Sails On (1983): Italian cinematic maestro Federico Fellini (La Dolce Vita, 8 1/2) shows that, even in his mid-sixties, he had lost none of his power to shock, entertain and amaze with And The Ship Sails On, his haunting and majestic 'comedy of arias'.

Made in 1983, the film is set on the eve of the first world war, but this matters little to the peacock parade of opera celebrities who cast off on a luxury liner to scatter the ashes of the world's greatest diva near her native adriatic island. yet their gilded world is about to receive a chill blast of reality. The captain has rescued a group of serbian refugees and an enemy battleship looms on the horizon, demanding their surrender. Unbeknown to the passengers, their old order is about to be eradicated on a global scale and the ship sails on to a fate as inevitable as that of the Titanic.

Ginger And Fred (1986: In this wonderfully affectionate and satirical 1986 film, italian cinematic maestro Federico Fellini (La Dolce Vita, 8 1/2) celebrates the legacy of Rogers and Astaire - and sends up tacky television - with this touching tale of two elderly dancers who model themselves on cinem's greatest dance duo, and who reunite after 30 years for one final TV dance spectacular. starring two of Italy's greatest acting talents: Cannes `best actress' winner Giulietta Masina (Nights Of Cabiria, Juliet Of The Spirits, La Strada) and oscar® nominee Marcello Mastroianni (La Dolce Vita, Divorce Italian Style).

Special Features
Orchestra Rehearsal :
Fellini's Autobiography
Fellininiana Part 2: 10th Anniversary Of The Death Of Fellini
La Felliniana - Frederico In The City (Frederico In Citta)
La Felliniana - Powder Of Rimini (Polvere Di Rimini)
La Felliniana - That Train To Rome (Quel Treno Per Roma)
La Felliniana - Target The Director (Tirate Sul Regista)
La Felliniana - The Line Of The Shadow (La Linea D'ombra)
And The Ship Sails On:
'La Felliniana: A Star Is Born' documentary
'La Felliniana: A Genius At Work' documentary
'Frederico Fellini: A Self-Portrait' documentary



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