Fellowes Powershred DS1200 £59.99 was £180, awesome deal - Ryman

Fellowes Powershred DS1200 £59.99 was £180, awesome deal - Ryman

Found 15th Jun 2017
£20 cheaper than Amazon and the cheapest I could find anywhere. Usual good quality shredder from fellwes, takes a fair few sheets and gets it done quick. Got free nxt day del can do C&C

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Just asking. Do people still shred? I don't have much post these days and if I find anything that needs shredding I just tear off the account number and address, then that bit goes in the waste food bin or general waste. Don't know why I bother doing that to be honest. I found the shredded paper a real pain to deal with. Still ill give this some heat as a good deal.
Not bad for a decent shredder, also consider the following shredder on sale in Lidl at the moment for £29.99

Lidl Shredder £29.99

I have the Lidl one in my home office and it goes through a lot of shredding with no issues.

well my lidl one is rubbish. Looks the same as this but in white. Barely shreds 5 sheets without stopping and jams very easily. Despite the rating only takes 2 or 3 sheets max.
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