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Posted 1 December 2022

Femfresh Everyday Care Daily Intimate Vaginal Wash 6 Pack £9 @ Amazon

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What to say…………..it’ll leave you feeling nice and Fem Fresh!!!!
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    Your lady bits are self-cleaning. If there's a persistent odour you need to see a doctor. Just another product made to create a market and make you feel bad about yourself.

    For anybody really, if it's yukky down there, please see your GP. There might be something like an infection that needs medical attention, not a fancy body wash. (edited)
    Definitely not self cleaning. Not saying you need to buy these or anything, but no part of the human body is self cleaning.
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    50 year old men incoming with their awful jokes
    but it's the aftercoming they need the wash for
  3. Avatar
    Here's the male version.

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    Last year I ordered 2 soap & glory mascaras from boots. When my parcel arrived it was 12 of these boots kindly let me keep them and resent my mascaras lol
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    There's a guy with a van with an industrial pressure washer in the back who cleans some of the neighbours wheelie bins every week.

    Don't know why, this just made me think of him.
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    Was hoping this would come in a bundle with a ground spike
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    Cheaper to buy 6 individual ones with 15% s&s.
    Cheaper to just wash regularly
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    £6.82 now. Oos but can pre order. Amazon might send ‘em 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    After using Femfresh, yes.
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    Plus £4.99 delivery (edited)
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    Saying "Temporarily out of stock".

    The singles are £1.50, or less on S&S.
    There's a potential 20% voucher and an extra 5% off if you buy 4.

    I don't see the benefit of buying this 6 pack