Fences - Desktop Organizer
Fences Is a program that helps you organize your desktop and can hide your icons when they are not in use.

Clean and organize your desktop by creating shaded areas which become movable and sizable containers for your icons. Double click blank spaces on your desktop and all your fences will fade out, and back.


Very useful, thanks. MS should put something like this into Win 7
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Yes I agree, my most annoying computer habit is an awfully messy desktop - I have just accepted that as how it is over the years. Cheers OP!

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I have been using this for over a year now and it works great, just wanted to share with you guys :), and yes it would be nice to see something like this built into win7

Thank you for sharing. I've just cleared my messy desktop.

Was going to make a daft comment, but I'll give it a try first.

EDIT: Seems good, I don't think I'll put icons into fences but I like the double click desktop to hide all icons feature
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Yes me too - so simple I can't believe it took so many years for it to become apparent to me. I'm sure the fences are great but for me the double click is brilliant
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