Posted 11 September 2022

Garmin Watch Fenix 6 Sapphire Grey DLC £349 @ C.W. Sellors

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Fenix 6 Sapphire version, all Sapphire versions are the pro model. This is 50% off the RRP.

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Garmin Watch Fenix 6 Sapphire Gray DLC 010-02158-11

The remarkable Garmin Fenix 6 smartwatch collection brings everything we love about the Fenix model to life alongside brand new mapping, music, intelligent pace planning and more.

Perfectly designed to match both your aesthetic and athletic ambition, this Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire Gray boasts an all-grey 47mm fibre-reinforced polymer and stainless steel case with a water resistance of 100 metres, sapphire crystal glass and a remarkable battery life of up to a 48 days.

Whether you are a runner, swimmer, skiier, golfer or cyclist, this Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire watch is fully equipped with a huge range of functions to help you track your daily activities and evening escapades.

Kitted out with GPS function, turn-by-turn navigation, preloaded golf maps and ski routes, a brand new Power Manager and PacePro feature to help keep you on pace with grade-adjusted guidance as you run a course, this Garmin Fenix 6 smartwatch is a must have for any tech, sport and watch lover.


  • Lens Material: Sapphire crystal
  • Bezel Material: DLC coated Stainless steel
  • Case Material: DLC coated stainless steel
  • QuickFit Watch Band Compatible: Yes (22mm)
  • Strap Material: Silicone
  • Case Size: 47mm x 14.7mm
  • Colour Display: Yes
  • Display Size: 33.02mm
  • Display Resolution: 260x260 pixels
  • Display Type: Sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP)
  • Weight: 83g
  • Battery Life: Smartwatch: up to 14 days, GPS: up to 36 hours, GPS and music: up to 10 hours, Max battery GPS mode: up to 72 hours, Expedition GPS mode: up to 28 days, Battery saver watch mode: up to 48 days
  • Water Resistance: 100 metres
  • Memory/History: 32GB
  • Clock Features: Time/date, GPS time sync, Automatic daylight-saving time, Alarm clock, Timer, Stopwatch, Sunrise/sunset times
  • Health Monitoring: Wrist based heart rate, Daily resting heart rate, Abnormal heart rate alerts, Respiration rate, Pulse Ox Blood Oxygen Saturation, Fitness Age, Body Battery Energy Monitor, All day stress tracking, Relaxation reminders, Relaxation breathing timer, Sleep, Advanced Sleep Monitoring, Hydration, Menstrual cycle
  • Sensors: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate monitor, Barometric altimeter, Compass, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Thermometer, Pulse Ox Blood Oxygen Saturation monitor
  • Daily Smart Features: Bluetooth, ANT and Wi-Fi Connectivity, Connect IQ, Smart notifications, Text response/reject phone call with text, Calendar, Weather, Battery Saver, Controls smartphone music, Plays and controls watch music, Music storage for up to 2000 songs, Find my Phone, Find my Watch, VIRB camera remote, iPhone and Android compatible, Garmin Connect Mobile compatible, Garmin Pay
  • Safety & Tracking Features: LiveTrack, Group LiveTrack, Live Event Sharing, Incident Detection during select activities, Assistance
  • Tactical Features: Dual Grid Coordinates
  • Activity Tracking Features: Step counter, Move bar, Auto goal, Calories burned, Floors climbed, Distance travelled, Intensity minutes, TrueUp, Move IQ

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C.W. Sellors More details at C.W. Sellors
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    Here is my summary of Fenix naming standards.

    S, e.g. 6s = Small 42mm
    No Letter, e.g. 6 = Medium 47mm
    X, e.g. 6x = Large 51mm

    Battery is bigger in the bigger watches - so lasts longer, but if you have small wrists the X might look a bit mad

    Pro and Saphire have more features: Wifi, Music Storage and Maps
    Non-pro / non Saphire has those features missing

    Saphire has hard watch face = less scratches

    So this deal is for a medium sized, medium batteried, fully featured watch with a hard face (edited)
    48213115-20MbM.jpgthis is a bit clearer but in UD dollas
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    My Sammy Galaxy 3 just packed in. This one worth a punt and an extra 10% off in the mix? Any owners of the Saphire 6 care to chip in?!
    Amazing watch. Have had the non sapphire version for a year and love it. You don’t need a touchscreen on it. At that price, no brainier.
  3. Avatar
    It’s a great watch, was £310 at John Lewis recently, probably will come down more as the 7s been out for quite a while now
    Was it definitely the sapphire version at that price?

    Either way, I am not sure that the Fenix 7 effect will get much bigger in the short term as the 6 has come down quite a bit already. For most people the 6 Pro is already at a price that makes it more attractive than the 7 series.
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    I use a forerunner 245 music and I’m looking to upgrade. Has anyone used the maps to guide a run or bike? Looking to try some new fell routes but scared of getting well and truly lost .
    Yes i use a 6Xpro for running new routes with turn by turn directions, I use something called Talkytoaster maps, these are very detailed vector maps of the UK and give better detail that an OS map all for the price of around a tenner all on my wrist without the need of a ohone or data connection whilst out.
  5. Avatar
    Do you have to be a proper fitness pro for a watch like this?!?
    No.....i know many runners who own this, some starting out, others that have been running for years.
  6. Avatar
    This one or the t-rex 2 for 210?
    Garmin instinct is better. Amazfit has terrible accuracy.
  7. Avatar
    Thats a great price for this watch. Have got the 6Pro - so standard Gorilla Glass rather than Sapphire. Would love the Sapphire version, but was more money, so have put a screen-protector on the standard screen, which is a reasonable alternative to the Sapphire glass.
    I have compared two screens and the gorilla glass is much better for visibility of the screen compared to sapphire glass.
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    I've had Fenix 5 Plus Sapphire Titanium for four years. Previous model I know, but nevertheless here's my experience:

    - Battery lasts at least a week when fully charged. I exercise two or three times a week at most, and I wear the watch almost 24/7/365 (take it off when getting washed and occasionally to air the skin under the watch/strap)
    - Screen is flawless, no scratches anywhere - and I am VERY clumsy. All other watches I've had get scratched faces.
    - Strap failed within a year and I got a warranty replacement. Second strap been fine. Fairly pricey to buy Garmin brand replacement.
    - Charging has become a bit of a problem, needs to be carefully aligned. Appears to be some corrosion of some sort on the watch charge pins (same as this watch). I have contacted Garmin last week but no response so far. Could potentially render the watch useless if I cannot fix - bit miffed about this. Replacement lead slight improvement but not great.
    - GPS has been excellent and fast to align.
    - Watch has more features than I'd ever use so was possibly an indulgence - I'd consider lower spec although at this price I wouldn't think twice - it's great value.
    - Watch occasionally loses bluetooth connection with phone. Restart watch or phone and one of them will always fix it.
    - Garmin connect is really great and integrates seamlessly with other sites like Strava.
    Yeah I concur. I have a Fenix 5Plus S, which I've had a few years now, and still love it. Battery life isn't as good on the 5S+ models (get around 5 days), but still fine for my purposes. Improved battery life for the newer watches would be my primary upgrade reason. I have gone on long cycle rides on the odd occasion and had to charge it during rest stops - but given I only do that once or twice a year I've not yet felt the need to replace it - no matter how tempting these 6Pro (or sapphire) deals are.

    This is a great deal for a incredibly feature packed watch - and as its the sapphire/DLC model its made of top quality materials too, so a very good looking device. Heated.
  9. Avatar
    10% code didn’t work when I tried.
  10. Avatar
    Cracking watch. Had mine for 12 months and is still amazing. Very good deal
  11. Avatar
    Anonymous User
    What's the difference between this and the 6X pro ? Because the 6X pro has been as low as £329 on Amazon/Argos and is currently hovering around £400
    Basically a bigger screen on 6X.
  12. Avatar
    Showing as £290.83 for me
    Sounds like the ex VAT price.
  13. Avatar
    Is the pro x worth the extra £100 it seems to be solar too
    Solar isn't much more than a gimmick in UK weather... trivial real world battery improvement. Sapphire is a much more meaningful factor if you want maximum durability. Regular 6 vs 6X comes down to preference really... X gives you more screen and a little more battery at the expense of a very chunky watch (the 6 is already pretty big, the X is huge). Functionality-wise they're identical.
  14. Avatar
    They also have fenix 6x pro solar for 449£. I have ordered this one as its amazing price !
    Is that one also sapphire
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    It is that time for me to say..

    These should be £250 max at release
    Now it is worth a max of £120

    Humour and serious! (edited)
    For the amount of features, tech, durability and material quality £349 is an excellent price.

    Find me a similar quality analogue watch with similar build/construction for £250/120.

    Then add GPS, bike computer, heart rate monitor, maps, step count, and so on
  16. Avatar
    Great watch but go for the X!
  17. Avatar
    At this price point, if the metal body and navigation features are your priority the Fenix makes sense, but from the reading of reviews etc I did I reached the conclusion that most would rather have a forerunner 255 for the improved heart rate sensors and gps...
    I have the Forerunner 255 Music and would highly recommend it. The sensors have been first class. There is so much info to view post workout if that's your thing and the battery is lasting 7-10 days with heavy GPS and music usage. Bluelight App gives 10% off it too, think I paid £320. (edited)
  18. Avatar
    Cracking watch, I've had mine nearly 2 years, use it daily and it still looks like new!
  19. Avatar
    Will John Lewis do a price match on this?
  20. Avatar
    Hmmm, really fancy this as an upgrade to my old Fenix 3 but away on holiday - might have to reach out to them and see if they'll delay postage!
  21. Avatar
    Cracking price, I've had mine nearly 2 years and it still doesn't have a single scratch. Battery is around 4 days from a week, but the features are second to none. Recommended
  22. Avatar
    This isnt the 6 pro though, its the Sapphire model.
  23. Avatar
    Thanks OP, purchased to replace my 3HR. Wonder how much I'll get for that on eBay?!
  24. Avatar
    Great watch and price! Check out the app store to make it even better, Stretch+ is one of my favourites
  25. Avatar
    Anyone else ordered and found they actually don't have stock?
    I ordered the 6x pro solar and had No problem with deliver next day
  26. Avatar
    Got mine
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