Ferguson CR100 DAB Clock Radio &  CRSS Snooze Speaker - £49.98 delivered

Ferguson CR100 DAB Clock Radio & CRSS Snooze Speaker - £49.98 delivered

Found 23rd Oct 2006
This Ferguson CR100 DAB Clock Radio with free matching CRSS Snooze Speaker is now half price at Currys making it just £49.98 delivered.

Features: Ferguson CR100D DAB Clock Radio * Wake up to DAB radio * Includes matching CRSS Snooze Speaker
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does anyone know what a "CRSS Snooze Speaker" does?

does anyone know what a "CRSS Snooze Speaker" does?

Couldnt find any information on this. I'd guess this is an extra speaker with snooze function.;-)
Thanks edi, landofdan i think edi's right

an extra speaker with snooze function


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thanks for clearing that up for me fella's! :thumbsup:

i'll rephrase my question!

what does CRSS mean!?
CR100 is the model number of the main unit, CRSS is the model number of the extra speaker.... meaning CR snooze speaker... I believe.
[SIZE=2]CRSS - clock radio snooze speaker (my wild guess) [/SIZE]
LMAO, landofdan i think we were over complicating things (our minds are just too technical) Thanks edi ... i'm having a blonde day .. week even :roll:
i thought it might be some sort of new wireless technology to you could keep the speaker in another room.

probably designed to have one speaker on each side of bed,

2 snooze buttons = 2 people late for work.
just found this made me laugh....

"I wanted a dab radio with a cd player. This seemed to fit the bill, but now that I have had it for a couple of months, I am going to sell it on ebay. I will go back to using my Pure Evoke DAB.

Whats wrong with it? It the display, it is far too bright. It has two settings bright and brighter. Every night I cover it over with a pair of underpants ( I am not kidding ) but I think this is too great a fire risk, because when I put the underpants on in the morning they are red hot.

Does the person who designed this have one? They ought to be made to use one for a year and see how much sleep they can get.

Second problem, the on off switch on the front is too firm. You cant just jab it to turn it off. Its a two handed job one to stop the radio sliding away and the other to press the button to turn it on/off.

I was also disappointed that it does not have a proper dab ariel, its just a wire. The extending antenna is for the fm radio only. Dab ][COLOR=#0000ff]radios[/COLOR] need a good ariel.

Another irritating feature for me is switching from Dab to CD or vice versa is having to wait while it goes into fm radio before it will let you change to the required function.

Actually the more I think about this ][COLOR=#0000ff]radio[/COLOR] the more I hate it. I'm going to pack it away now ready to return to Dixons or sell it on ebay."

taken from ww.ciao.co.uk

think i'll give it a miss.
This doesn't have a cd player...
good point,


their reviews arnt very acurate then, and

Main Specs> ][COLOR=#0000ff]Display all product details[/COLOR]
Manufacturer Ferguson
EAN 5017416194532
[COLOR=red]CD Player [/COLOR][COLOR=red]No[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) [/COLOR][COLOR=red]with CD Player[/COLOR]
Dual Alarm with Dual Alarm

whats that all about....:?
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