Ferguson FRG-R121D DAB £15.67 REDUCED FROM £79.99 @ Currys

Ferguson FRG-R121D DAB £15.67 REDUCED FROM £79.99 @ Currys

Found 24th Dec 2008
Possible mistake on the Currys website

Exclusive mains powered DAB Radio, Digital Radio is great news for listeners, bringing more choice, improved sound quality, no re-tuning and extra information on broadcasts

* Tuner - DAB radio
* Power - Mains powered only
* Presets - 8 presets
* Other - 4 Watts (RMS) power output
* Other - Clock/ alarm function
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Good deal
Reserved one, anyone know what time they close tonight?
Bought one of these from Currys last year . It went back twice because of a buzzing sound and in the end they gave me my money back. If you search this model you should get some reviews. Just a heads up

Reevoo review gave it 8/10 - main possible problem seems to be some mains hum, other than that you can't complain at what is excellent value for money. Many thanks Tintin - heat added.:santa:

So if you don't mind having a constant buzzing in your ears then this is ideal?

C'mon, it's a faulty product so avoid!
bought on last year as a refurb for more, gr8 radio, two ordered. Thanks
I can confirm the problem with the mains hum. It's noticeable at low volumes. I started out with the radio in my bedroom but had to move it to the kitchen because it was unlistenable at low volumes. Once you crank the volume up a bit then the radio output masks the sound.

So long as you don't want to listen at low volumes it's a good deal. It also has line-level phono outputs so would go OK with a separates system.
Reserved 2 showing as in stock. Just got a call from Currys saying they didn't have any in stock at the store and not to bother coming in for them.
Its only a good deal if you will use it. You will not use this unless you like a constent buzz. Tbh even if I was given this as a present I still wouldn't of used it.
Oh and I don't think it's a misprice. I bought mine a couple of years ago for £12. I would image that they get a lot of returns due to the mains hum.
Hmmmm think I might give this a miss then
It's a great price, but I've seen loads of these selling as faulty on Ebay.
I have one of these and can confirm they do make a constant hum noice. Have to turn it off at night as it keeps me awake!
come on guys for this prize... great find... HOT HOT HOT

come on guys for this prize... great find... HOT HOT HOT

Which part of "constant humming noise" are you not getting? :roll:
sounds like a great deal but Poor product...shame!
damm..:x just reserved 3 to give as presents, but all these negative remarks have put me right off...

Which part of "constant humming noise" are you not getting? :roll:

I will let you know when I will get one... for 15 pounds you can't get nowhere online at this standard

AVforums have some mixing opinions on this set: avforums.com/for…tml

but for this prize it is deal

Which part of "constant humming noise" are you not getting? :roll:

you can't go wrong for 15 pounds

read some 'mixed' opinions here at avforums.com/for…tml

if you want top model spent 200 pounds, if you want radio for kitchen spent 15 easy...

I am getting one don't care what you think
Got one last year. Hum is for real. openened mine up and found back of loudspeaker is right next to mains transformer, hence magnetic coupling causing the hum. Probably possibly to fix with a clever bit of shielding, but I just disconnected the loudspeaker and run the output through my hifi. Product is faulty by design. If it hadn't been a bargain it would definitely have gone back.
Picked my one up ,turned it on to try it out.Yes did notice small humming noise only because it is mentioned here.Not a problem because where it is going(kitchen) you would never know.For the price a cracking deal.
I want one, I want one, I don't care if it don't work, I want one It's a bargain. Yes it looks great and the buzz is not that noticeable at first BUT it gets worse the longer it's on. You wanna waste your money on it then it's up to yourself we are only giving you a heads up about it. Our radio alarm clock sounds better than this £3.99 from Aldi and we can get to sleep with it next to our bed . I have looked @ currys site and I can't see where it says reduced from £79.99 anywhere?

Can I also add that if your looking for a cheap Dab Radio , keep a eye on pc wolds site they have them at low prices SOMETIMES. Take a look at the link I have put here and you will see the price of the ones they have sold out of. ][COLOR="Red"]Here[/COLOR]
good radio.

poor radio clock function, due to audible speaker hum.

very good dab reception, hum hardly obtrusive at all, pretty good sound quality it must be said

but forget it for use as a radio clock, hum is audible in a silent room
Reserved and bought one. You can hear the hum when the radio is on at low volumes like people have said. However, when its on standby there is no hum. Its fine for £15.
I reserved one today but they didn't have it in stock. I was offered the LOGIK R128D Wood DAB digital radio Product code: 786515 for the same price in store. They look like the same radio but I think the Ferguson colour scheme looks better. Will find out tomorrow if it suffers from mains hum.
On the shelf at instore at currys Birstall for £78, just picked up mine for £15.67, real bargain, works & looks fantastic, don't know why it's getting bad reviews, I can't hear any Buzzzzz,10/10
When i went into my store the price on the shelf was not changed,but my printed reserve was honoured the guy said "you got a bargain there". I replied "thats why i am buying it".:-D

It's a great price, but I've seen loads of these selling as faulty on … It's a great price, but I've seen loads of these selling as faulty on Ebay.

Just grabbed one for the old folk - who usually listen to BBC Radio 5 on FM - but can't after 6pm because FM reception drops.

If it does have a hum, it is good to know Currys has ]a good returns policy (including reimbursement of delivery charges).

To me audio equipment + hum = not fit for purpose.:viking:
Thanks, reserved collected and tested. No problems. No hummmmmmm tonight so Queensspeech should be crystal clear.:thumbsup:
picked up mine today, and as said previously was priced at £79, though went through fine at the reduced price.
No humming to report......... yet
H&R Added
can anyone tell me if this is stereo or mono as some of these things are still mono

So if you don't mind having a constant buzzing in your ears then this is … So if you don't mind having a constant buzzing in your ears then this is ideal?C'mon, it's a faulty product so avoid!

Exactly - I'm lost for words!
It's mono
can this thing run on batteries?

can this thing run on batteries?

Pickedmine up on derby today - still priced at £78 on the shelf.
Just listened to the whole derby preston game in FM. no Hum, just Humbug for losing 2 0- nil

Great set for £15
thanks OP
OK, I don't get the point on this.

DAB - 'crystal clear' reception, more stations, many usual AM only (therefore mono) stations available in stereo.

so why even make rubbish like this with ONE speaker????????

you'd get better sound from a 1954 valve unit.
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