Ferrari Challenge (Wii) £11.99 + Free Delivery/9% Quidco @ Gameplay

Ferrari Challenge (Wii) £11.99 + Free Delivery/9% Quidco @ Gameplay

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Found 5th Apr 2009
Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli simulates the world famous Ferrari racing series. With a winning combination of circuits constructed from actual track data, realistic vehicle handling and the most authentic driving game engine available, it guarantees a game faithful to all the thrills and spills of the real life Ferrari championship.

The car handling has been set up by Bruno Senna, F1's legend Ayrton Senna's nephew, who is currently racing in GP2, the feeder series to F1. Having driven and won races in System 3's own Ferrari 430 Challenge car at Silverstone earlier this year Bruno has worked tirelessly with our developers on fine-tuning the in-game setup of all the cars, translating his real-life experience into the virtual world of the racing game.

Progressing through the championship series, cars and tracks are unlocked allowing players to experience other championships and other tracks. On Sony PS3 version, 16 players can compete on LAN or online, testing their nerves on 16 different circuits. However, the online experience isn't just limited to racing - thanks to the extensive online support, new vehicles and tracks associated with the Challenge series can also be downloaded or swapped with friends via your Virtual garage. Game modes such as the Ferrari Challenge season, Arcade or Quick Race modes ensure variety and quick access to play. You also have a built in tutorial that shows you the correct line to take and braking points around Ferrari's test circuit at Fiorano. In the Nintendo DS version, up to four players can duel each other in a wireless game share mode. Both Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 versions support the "Official Ferrari Steering Wheel" from Thrust Master.

As an official licensed product from Ferrari, the authenticity of vehicles, racetracks, race damage and race dynamics is guaranteed plus, the unique input from Bruno Senna, all combine to ensure a level of realism simply not available in other racing games.

Special Features
Official licensed game of the Ferrari Challenge series
Up to 16 international racing circuits, plus additional unlockable content
All official teams and cars from the real-world the racing series, plus new downloadable teams, cars and content made available at the start of each new season
Downloadable cars updated each month, circuits, hill climbs and customisation options to build online Nintendo Community
Lifelike vehicle simulation and handling dynamics
Realistic Ferrari race damage modeling and simulation
Unlock additional Ferrari cars including 360 Challenge, 355 Challenge, 348 Challenge and many other cars that have featured over the Ferrari Challenge weekends including the Ferrari FXX
Multiple game options including Ferrari Challenge Seasons, Time Trial, Practice, Endurance and Quick Race Modes
Win in game Ferrari Collector cards featuring current and historical Ferrari marques with full Wi-Fi connectivity for Battle Cards
Motion-sensitive controller options including support and options for the "Official Ferrari Steering Wheel"


HOT - Good Price plus the quidco bonus.


looks good is it very good for the wii?

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looks good is it very good for the wii?

I checked the player reviews on Play and it gets 4 stars out of 5 overall :thumbsup:


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