Ferrari GT Experience racing wheel PS3 / PS2 / PC £27.99 Delivered (or £25.99 with voucher) @Game.co.uk
Ferrari GT Experience racing wheel PS3 / PS2 / PC £27.99 Delivered (or £25.99 with voucher) @Game.co.uk

Ferrari GT Experience racing wheel PS3 / PS2 / PC £27.99 Delivered (or £25.99 with voucher) @Game.co.uk

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Get's good reviews, but check the first Game.co.uk review to see how it should be setup and used (i.e. after setting up, don't disconnect from PS3 till it's turned off first - thanks for the tip Abdul) :-

Abdul Razaq posted on 01 Sep 2009
This is a very good wheel, it works perfectly on Burnout Paradise, the pedals need programming but once you've programmed them they stay programmed just make sure not to disconnect the pedals from the steering wheel while the Playstation is on, also make sure that you disconnecct the wheel AFTER you switch the PS3 off. The product itself is high quality, it has rubber grips on the side which make steering incredibly easy, it is very responsive and the default turning setting is perfect and needs no tweaking, it has a flappy paddle gear box which is good for games like GT5 : Prologue and it's not fiddly changing gears, the pedals are fairly stiff to start with but once you start using them they loosen up .The cord is that long but if you have your PS3 in a medium sized room you should be alright, it looks pretty nice and it has a clamp on the bottom which you MUST use so if you don't have a table or something ehich is flat from the top and bottom to put it on. Highly recommended. 9/10

Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel Features:

* Product manufactured under official license from Ferrari (exclusive on all platforms!)
* Ferrari and Thrustmaster share the same values: passion, performance, innovation and quality.
* 3-in-1: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 & PC
* One racing wheel for all game systems
* Home button for PlayStation 3
* Central clamping system
* For optimum stability (fixes to surfaces up to 8.5cm thick)
* Ferrari-style realistic on-wheel sequential gear shift levers
* Two Ferrari style digital gear shift levers located on the wheel
* Wide progressive pedal assembly with resilient brake pedal
* Progressive pedal assembly featuring a footrest enabling precise and comfortable acceleration and braking - ideal for heel to toe racing moves
* Linear resistance
* Auto-centring
* Realistic resistance thanks to the "bungee cord" system, (exclusive Thrustmaster design and exclusive on all platforms!)
* Mapping feature: fully programmable functions
* Illustrations, product name & specifications not binding. Contents, design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice and may vary from one country to another.
* The 11 buttons, D-Pad, 2 pedals and 2 gearshift levers can be reassigned by users
* Adjustable wheel sensitivity for precision driving
* Vibration Feedback feature on PC & PS2 - Touchsense technology under Immersion license
* Developer:
* Publisher: ThrustMaster


cheers m8 i went for this just a pity it dont work with the 360 aswell

Original Poster


cheers m8 i went for this just a pity it dont work with the 360 aswell

You could get ]this logitech one on play.com for under £30... :thumbsup:

thx buddy, ive got more driving games on the 360, repped

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I just got mine today, and must say the build quality is very good. I had one of the Logitech PS2 Wheels in the GT4 days and must say this feels much more sturdy.

Out of the box it does not seem to need tweaking, but will experiment some more. Tried on NFS Shift and was very good experience - drifting was very easy.

Will give it a go with GT5 Prologue for the real test!
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