Ferrero Collection 48 Pieces 518g £10 @  ICELAND

Ferrero Collection 48 Pieces 518g £10 @ ICELAND

Found 10th Dec 2016
I know these are listed already but thought it might help, giving you a third option for this great deal, at Iceland

Merry Christmas
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£9.58 in costco today
Which freezer?

Which freezer?

Freezer a jolly good fellow!

£9.58 in costco today

​Yeah as we all have a Costco on our doorstep oO
I got for £9.60 on Amazon yesterday

Which freezer?

Freezer Rocker going by some of the spelling in here.
the 16 pack boxes are £3 in morrisons making 48 £9. this is still a good deal as you have a selection of all 3 different flavours. heat added
Merry Christmas some of us don't drink!
Yazzoni..OOS at present.

£9.58 in costco today

Costco! Costco, Costco. mmm my nearest one is 30miles away.
Voted Hot. Me mothers hinted at wanting some of these for Chrimbo

£10 in Morrison's as well
Costs a fortune to join Costco ,so no saving from me.

Which freezer?

Reminds me of the 80s Specials song - Freezer Nelson Mandela

Freezer a jolly good fellow!

Freezer Nelson Mandela
Cheaper at Ocado(n't)

£9.58 in costco today

Costco is plus Vat?
thank you
That's a good deals. I'm sure the smaller box is £10 in Sainburys xxx
Heat, OP!
And, same price in Morrisons for the 48 piece box.
Oh yeah!
love these, good deal thanks
Heat added. thanks OP.
Don't get me wrong I really liked these.......But...

If these were sold individually in the shops for 21p each would people still think they were good value?

Especially when there's always offers on for 5 x double deckers / snickers etc for £1
any flamedeers on the loose in here??
have some heat
Yep Hot
I've a couple of silver flamedeer available if anyone would like?
Do they have all gold packs? I don't like the other ones.

Do they have all gold packs? I don't like the other ones.

If you live near Morrisons best deal is 16 pack Ferrero Rocher 200g.
Buying 3 packs for £9 is 48 £1 cheaper than this deal post but that for 1 flavour…IEW
almost 21p a ball. doesnt seem like a good deal to me
I will pop in and get one tommorow. I was going to try and make a bouquet of Ferrero Rosher. Just look up YouTube and you will see what I mean. The tree version is quite cool as well
Perfect for anybody considering a job as an Ambassador.
Works out at roughly 20p a chocolate. That's a deal?
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