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Posted 3 December 2022

Ferrero Rocher Pralines, Chocolate Hamper Christmas Gift Box - 30pcs - £7 at checkout @ Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

24 @ £5.90 Here
So this one is even cheaper

Perfect as a gift and to share with your loved ones
For Christmas, Halloween, New Year's, and other Special Occasions, or as Raffle Prizes Ideas, Party Bag Fillers and Hampers
Delicious hazelnut covered in milk chocolate and hazelnut pieces
Celebrate the Moment with Ferrero Rocher
Gross weight 375g; Suitable for Vegetarians
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    Also £7 at Tesco if anyone's nearby...

    The x24 box is also £5.90 at Tesco.
    Looks like Amazon is matching Tesco on all sizes. (edited)
    In that case I would rather buy from Tesco.
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    The 42 box is £10.50 too, which works out at the same £/pc
    Bought these in October at the same price.
  3. Avatar
    Am I the only person who dislikes these?
    Despite my family members saying they don't like it, I always see some missing in my stash.
  4. Avatar
    Cheapest price per piece at the minute. Ordered for Xmas.
  5. Avatar
    Got x4 for £26.50 as 5% comes off to. maybe Op could change it to this to make it even hotter.
  6. Avatar
    £7.50 now
    50p discount applied at checkout.
  7. Avatar
    Great value and delivered to your door for free! Beats the supermarkets hands down.
    That is because the supermarkets pay business rates and corporation tax.

    While amazon pays nothing at all.!!!
  8. Avatar
    Must resist... Must resist... Ordered 🙈
  9. Avatar
    Bought 4, for no reason other than because I'm a greedy pig
    I would buy them for presents, but if they come before Christmas eve then there's no chance I'll still have them
  10. Avatar
    Probably the most overrated chocolates known*.

    *at least in my opinion.
    Why are they overrated?
  11. Avatar
    Cracking deal however my partners sister works for Ferraro and we get loads for Free
    Show off
  12. Avatar
    I fail to see how this is a deal? You can buy a box of 16 for £4 if you have a look around in the shops so what like £8 for 32 of them , if you buy two boxes. Yes a slight saving but nothing that makes this deal as hot as it is.
    I don't have to interact with the general public, delivered right to my door. Cheapest price delivered.

    No one got time to look around in the shops to potentially pay more
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    I prefer the dark ones but you can only get them with the white ones and normal ones but I don't like the white ones! Wish they sold the dark ones separately. First World problems
    I like the dark and regular, the raphaello type I could do without, the coconut bits are messy, they get stuck in any small gaps in the teeth and the nut in the middle is surprisingly firm. But some people like them best so so they have their place. Just wish you could buy the dark separately like the light but I reckon they help sell the others. (edited)
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    Is it me or does Ferrero Rocher look very dated and need bringing out of its 1993 image?
    Do you work in marketing or you trolling?
    They're fine and taste amazing, that's what matters!
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    Bought thank you
  16. Avatar
  17. Avatar
    Bought for hubby. Thank you
  18. Avatar
    Been on the lookout for a deal on these. Thank OP
  19. Avatar
    Excellent thanks for posting
  20. Avatar
    Got thank you
  21. Avatar
    Thx op heat added
  22. Avatar
    Ordered thanks OP
  23. Avatar
    Nice one op ...ordered
  24. Avatar
    Couldn't see 24 for 5.90 at Amazon
    At Tesco that’s the offer.

    £5.90 for the 24 box
    £11.00 for the 42 box

    Farmfoods get 3 x 16 box for £10 (edited)
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    Bought 3 packs
  26. Avatar
    Got 4 with extra 5% off so £26.50. More Xmas presents sorted
  27. Avatar
    Nice ordered a few packs to locker.
  28. Avatar
    Ordered 3 this morning and came today, all dated for 26/04/23 for those wondering.
  29. Avatar
    Cheers Op. ordered
  30. Avatar
    Why ambassador
  31. Avatar
    48923987-oV5u6.jpgThanks OP. Opted for the 42. 26/06/23 although can't see them lasting past tomorrow 🙈
  32. Avatar
    Bought these but they're just expensive Kinder Bueno...
  33. Avatar
  34. Avatar
    Does anyone know the Best before date on these please.Need to buy some for end of Feb
    3 of mine came, dated 04/23 all of them
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    Good price! Will this be as low as the price goes for ferreros this year with inflation and cost of living going up?

    I'm pretty sure you could get 42 for about a tenner last year. Just asking as I need a few packs myself and don't want to jump too soon if they normally get cheaper nearer christmas!
  36. Avatar
    Awesome, thanks for posting this
  37. Avatar
    Beware these are likely to be short on or past best before date going by previous experience and reviews
  38. Avatar
    Ordered, thanks
  39. Avatar
    Anyone know whats the best before date on these please?
    Someone else eats them. (Sorry)
  40. Avatar
    If u buy 3, will they be £7 each or £7.50??
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