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Ferrex Portable Compressor with 3 years Warranty - £14.99 + £2.95 Delivery @ Aldi

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About this deal

Ferrex Portable Compressor (was £19.99) for £14.99 + £2.95 Delivery

Looking at previous HUKD deals, it was £49.99 in May 2022

When it comes to DIY, it's important to have everything you need to complete the job. This Ferrex Portable Compressor is a home workshop essential. The 1100w compact compressor features an oil free motor, a speed of 3550rpm and a suction capacity of 180l per min. It includes a tyre inflator with a pressure gauge and a 3m compressed air hose with an outer diameter of 1.2cm (approx.) and inner diameter of 0.6cm (approx.).

  • 1 x Portable compressor
  • 1 x Lightening valve adaptor
  • 1 x Ball needle
  • 1 x Plug-on nozzle adapter
  • 1 x Plug-on nozzle vent adapter
  • 1 x Plug-on nozzle universal adapter
  • 1 x Plastic conical universal adapter
  • 1 x Metal conical universal adapter

  • 8 Bar operating pressure
  • Quick coupling
  • Oil free motor
  • Speed: 3550 rpm
  • Storage compartment
  • Transport handle

3 Years

Product Information

  • Brand: Ferrex
  • Cable Length: 3m (approx.)
  • Material: Polyproylene, Copper, Aluminium, Steel
  • Power Source: Mains
  • Product Type: Power Tools
  • Wattage: 1100W
  • Weight: 5.4kg (approx.)
Aldi More details at Aldi

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  1. Avatar
    Take it this is OK to blow footballs up?
    Would have thought so as it says it comes with a ball needle.
  2. Avatar
    Will it inflate my ego
  3. Avatar
    Portable inflator the requires mains.. not exactly portable then is it??
    It's got a handle !
  4. Avatar
    This was a bargain at £20 let alone £15.
  5. Avatar
    I bought the battery operated compressor from Aldi that was on here, bargain I think at £15?

    Absolutely brilliant pumped up my tyres and saved me time and money.
  6. Avatar
    Can I pump car tyres?
    As long as you have access to a mains supply.
  7. Avatar
    Stupid question but these blow compressed air to clean laptops or radiators?
    They could but would be extremely loud for that purpose. Designed for car/bike tyres.
  8. Avatar
    The reviews on the Aldi website aren't inspiring, unfortunately.
  9. Avatar
    Useless when you are in the car , mains only , NO 12v stupid.
  10. Avatar
    Presumably it’s no good for tubeless bike tyres that need a burst of air to seal the rim?
  11. Avatar
    Silly question, is this purely for pumping up tyres and that's it? Or any other uses?
    They're designed for tyres but a compressor is a compressor, would probably work as well for cleaning electronics and airbrushing provided everything uses the same fittings
  12. Avatar
    I bought one of these at £50 - thought it was cheap then, annoyed with this steal of a price. Provides a lot of pressure (not sure on tubeless bike tyres, but I suppose vaseline would help if not).
    Used a handful of times. Biggest issue - people saying its a bit loud, no.. its very loud! I cannot hear my 15yo diesel engine over it loud. It also vibrates when used which can cause it to move around if not on steady ground. Not exactly portable (you should buy another one to keep in your car), but pumps tyres faster than the petrol station air pumps. In fact it pumped my bike tyres a little too fast, I've now got stretch marks on the rubber. Tempted to buy another one, but not sure what for. (edited)
  13. Avatar
    Anyone know if this would be powerful enough to use with a cheap plasma-cutter?
  14. Avatar
    Had one for years, got it half price £25 and it was well worth it, it pumps my motorhome tyres up to 85psi no problem but it’s getting a bit old. Now I will have a spare, thanks so much for posting it.
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