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Posted 21 January 2023

Ferrex Tools Reduced, Sander £2.50, Cordless Drill £3.50, Charger £7.50, Reciprocating Saw £14.99 @ Aldi Westhill Aberdeen In-store

£2.50£9.9975% off
In store: Aberdeen · Aldi Deals
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As per the title, Aldi Westhill Aberdeen have a whole bunch of Ferrex power tools reduced. i.e Sander £2.50, Cordless Drill £3.50, Charger £7.50, Reciprocating Saw £14.99 and others. Note these are the units without batteries with the batteries purchased separate so you don't end up with multiple chargers and batteries. Typically these discounts when they happen are found in other stores.


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  1. Firefax's avatar
    Checked two Aldi I north west London, one has nothing other has discount from 25 to 20 £ for sander /impact drill, no sale on chargers
  2. AaronCoughlin's avatar
    Picked up a cordless sander and reciprocating saw from Dundee, unfortunately discovered that there's meant to be one blade included in the reciprocating saw but the box was opened and raided, there's none left in two Dundee shops as I went to exchange the reciprocating saw today but there wasn't any left so I'll just hold out for when they sell the blades for them! Still a bargain.
    Whilst we're here, they've had cordless impact and cordless combi drills reduced, can testify they're both great, upgraded for brushless ones now, grab the angle grinder for a tenner online too, great wee machine used it lately. Only been into diy etc for a short time but their tools have been great for getting the jobs done and a good wee confidence boost when you have the right tool!
    Chrry's avatar
    Recip blades are almost always generic/standard fit I believe (so as you can use most any brand, don't wait for Aldi!)

    Eg - on the Aldi/ferrex blade listing it says [1/2“ universal shaft suitable for most sabre saws] (edited)
  3. daz40's avatar
    Buy them all !!!!!!!!
    BraddersJ's avatar
    'That's the mother in law's Christmas present sorted'?
  4. col11's avatar
    Any batteries available though?
  5. harvey.atkins's avatar
    You're a better man than me! I would have just bought them all without posting
  6. OohToBe's avatar
    Amazing, I live next to this store!

    Back soon
    IWANTBLUE's avatar
    Result you can borrow a trolley to take home your stash 😁
  7. shug119's avatar
    Good find
  8. OohToBe's avatar
    Thanks OP

    Just back, no £3 impact drivers or £2.50 sanders left but I got one of everything else

    About 2 of each cordless angle grinders, SDS drills and reciprocating saws left

    Probably gone now lol
  9. MoneyEyes's avatar
    Just been to a store to do food shop, price on the shelf was 14.99 for sander and 14.99 for grinder.

    Are they likely to be cheaper than that?
  10. Hiyayou's avatar
    Wow,amazing prices. Shame nothing at my locals. I did buy a chainsaw the other day but it was £35.
  11. TehJumpingJawa's avatar
    Anyone know if bauker batteries are compatible with ferrex tools?
    Some of the bauker tools look like they use the exact same moldings as the ferrex, which has me hopeful they're rebrands from the same manufacturer.
    Baldricky's avatar
    Good question and I did wonder when I saw them. Albeit I do not know the answer.
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