fever tree g&t taster selection at Morrisons for £12

fever tree g&t taster selection at Morrisons for £12

Found 10th Nov 2017
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Does anyone happen to know if this is good value? I appreciate I could check myself but don't have time at the moment, so was curious if someone knows off hand. Might get it for my wife. Cheers.
Sainsbury's have a similar deal for £13.00 but that's their standard NON OFFER price?

Morrisons deal is NOT YET available?
still overpriced
Way over priced, your paying at least a fiver for the fancy packaging.
£10 in Iceland last week
Where's the deal here? Looks like typical overpriced stuff packaged for Christmas - probably pick up the leftovers for a fiver on 27 Dec.
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Where can you get gin miniatures cheaper? I haven't found them for less than £2.50 each so this doesn't seem bad for tonics aswell.
I've seen gin miniatures in Sainsbury's. Was wondering how I could present them as a gift. Look a bit lonely on their own.
Not really a deal
no, not a deal. But a nice gift. If you want to scrutinize individual prices, they are as follows-

bombay sapphire - £2 sipsmith - £3 Beafeater - £2 Martin Millers - £2 Fever tree - approx £3 for 4. TOTAL - £12.

I know which I would rather give as a gift and its not 8 miniature bottles rattling around in wrapping paper
I bought these in Iceland yesterday £10.99
denisewood6910 h, 36 m ago

I bought these in Iceland yesterday £10.99

The one in Iceland is the Britvic one. I would rather pay the extra £1 and get decent tonics.

britvic one
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Iceland has this fir 10.99
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