few payg phones reduced @ orange cheapest for £5 + £10 topup

few payg phones reduced @ orange cheapest for £5 + £10 topup


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is every one sleeping?

No no. I'm awake

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[quote=zakdeals1]No no. I'm awake[/quote

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wow what wrong with this deal?come on guys if you don't wana buy it then atleast don't give cold

These prices are almost the same for over a month now mate... which is the reason for cold votes... and moreover most of the phones are not even worth buying at those prices.... you can find them cheaper at other retailers

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Also, bought elsewhere from any of the CPW group websites, they will be unlocked....

Tut voted cold!

I have just had my fingers burnt with Orange - only after i had made my purchase, i was told by customer services and instore that their prices will vary. I had to pay a £20 top up instore for my San Francisco, but online it was only £10!!
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