FHM  One Year (12 Issues) for £12 - Great Magazines offline only

FHM One Year (12 Issues) for £12 - Great Magazines offline only

Found 16th Jan 2010Made hot 29th Jan 2010
Hi everyone,

As a subscriber to one of greatmagazines publications, I received some promotional material detailing the availability of a number of magazines at a reduced rate.

One of which is FHM for £12 for the year, which I notice, having looked recently is not currently available online. I know it's gone rubbish recently but surely worth £1 an issue?

The way to receive it is to ring Great Magazines on 0845 601 2672 and quote code "X92K". Only available until the end of the month.


if they ask where did the code come from - any ideas?

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Just say you have a friend who has a subscription and he passed the offer leaflet on to you. I'll try take a photo of it later (no scanner :-( )

cancelled my sub's it's a dire mag now, was good but lost its way

this mag as gone really downhill don't bother

it was epic back in early 2000's have a quick scan now and again and its poor

shame really, was once a must read.

It's probably worth £1 an issue but it has gone right down hill. Last time I bought it for the first time in ages they had changed the design. Hideous layout and typefaces. I work in print so I can tell a crap design when I see it!

They should take a look at Superbike magazine to see what a good design looks like!

Thank you for the info, just ordered the mag for my husband who is over the moon with yet another bargain.
Well done OP......

i bought this at £12 last time it was on here, dont do it its utter tosh.

I got £6 quidco last year, and its not worth the 50p a magazine it cost me. Its literally pathetic.

will it still be around in 12 months even ?
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