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Exclusive free issue of FHM magazine‏
Found 12th Nov 2014Found 12th Nov 2014
Exclusive free issue of FHM magazine‏
Just got an email offering a free copy of FHM Text FHX1 to 78070 or Call 0800665477 & quote FHF3 You might even be in time to get the Januray edition & free calendar? C… Read more

just ordered that one for the w*nk bank!


Text to 78070 didn't work, not delivered


small print - Terms and conditions: Lines are open 9am-8pm Mon-Fri and 9am-6pm Sat-Sun. Calls are free from a landline, mobile charges will vary. Text orders are charged at your standard network rate. Copies limited to one per household. Open to UK residents only aged 18 and over. Offer closes 31/12/2014.


does it cost to text?


I second that. Do you have to provide any card details ?? Surely if its a free issue, then its FREE. IE No requirement for any payment details ?? Or am I being a little naive here.....

Free copy of FHM for March -  Text FHMMARCH to 78070
Found 11th Mar 2014Found 11th Mar 2014
Free copy of FHM for March - Text FHMMARCH to 78070
Just been sent an email for a free copy of FHM March edition. Details below For a limited time we are offering you the chance to get a completely free, no-strings-attached copy… Read more
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Got the call and the offer of an additional two issues for a pound then the subscription at full whack if not cancelled. Wasn't a hard sell at all and the lady on the other line very pleasant. Was told a few times able to cancel via email or call. Can take up to 21 days for the first issue to arrive though.


I have texted and am waiting for a call back, hope its not a hard sell. will post back with the feel of the call.


Not a number you can use out of your allowance


Terms & Conditions: Standard mobile charges apply Offer only available to residents of the UK and subject to availability while stocks last. The offer is limited to one copy per UK address. Offer closes 30/03/14.


Any info on how much the text might cost?

Get a Free Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor with this month's FHM (£3.99)
Found 11th Oct 2013Found 11th Oct 2013
Get a Free Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor with this month's FHM (£3.99)
Get this months FHM magazine and get a Free Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor (worth £9.99) Magazine Cost: £3.99 Happy Reading & Happy Shaving! :)

looks like some of the larger chain stores have the razor as an exclusive - Tesco, Sainsbury's CoOp etc. My local newsagent didn't, I guess as it's a razor different retailers will have different rules.


I have just got the mag for the free razor but theres nothing there??? Is it a voucher??? Please help!!! :(


Crap rip off sponsored deal from Gillette, the worst your wallet can get.


Not everything free is good I agree - like a STD.


Razors have become like printers! They give it away cheap and make all the money with the blades ! Wish the Razor had at least a couple of blades. Anyways thanks for posting OP! How about what DELS4EVA pointed out at Tesco : Gillette Mach 3 Diposable 5Pk for £5 Tesco

Free copy of FHM. Text fhm1 to 78070 at FHM Magazine
Found 10th Aug 2013Found 10th Aug 2013
Free copy of FHM. Text fhm1 to 78070 at FHM Magazine
get a free copy of FHM sent straight to your door by texting fhm1 to 78070 or call 0800665492 and quote the same code. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but it's free Shared … Read more

EMP4 for a free copy of Empire.


Erm, how much does the text cost? Willing to bet it's around £1.50 if so, NOT free.... Edit to say I checked and it's charged at your operators rate. Good to be proved wrong.


It's just not as good as it used to be.


Then get bombarded with marketing junk for ever no thanks

FHM - free issue - no strings attached
Found 11th Apr 2013Found 11th Apr 2013
FHM - free issue - no strings attached
For a limited time, FHM are offering the chance to get a completely free, no-strings-attached copy of FHM delivered to your door. Either, Text FHM1 to 60300 to claim your free iss… Read more
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Presumably the text costs money, therefore making it not free anyway? The 0845 number certainly isn't free.....


How can you put no strings attached in the title when you have to give them your number?!?! COLD.


Ok if you've got a sim card you don't use anymore.


One text, and then they'll spam you for the rest of your days. I wouldn't recommend it.

free copy of FHM magazine,
Found 3rd Apr 2013Found 3rd Apr 2013
free copy of FHM magazine,
Text FHM1 to 60300 to claim your free issue… Alternatively, call 0845 286 3205 and quote ‘FHM1’
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The email says standard mobile charges apply


Unchanged but the jokes just aren't as funny as when I was buying this when I was a student, it'll probably charge you about £5 for the text.


I got the 12 month subscription a while back only because you got a free PS3 game & cashback so it worked out free, wish I hadn't bothered, it hasn't changed its format since it was launched & the last 9 issues are in a drawer somewhere unopened


And you'll be subjected to the "hard sell" if you phone or text them.


It's not the price of a text i'd be bothered about, it's the constant **** they're gonna send you. Cold.

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Free Copy of FHM Magazine
Found 22nd Sep 2012Found 22nd Sep 2012
Free Copy of FHM Magazine
Nice and easy freebie. Just fill in your details on the page linked to get a free copy of FHM magazine.
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Ordered a copy for hubby


Sorry Kelly Brook on the cover has put me right off! oO


Another PITA phone call required, therefore I'm out!

Found 19th Sep 2012Found 19th Sep 2012
Enter details, someone from FHM will call to confirm address, thats it! ENJOY

What's the second prize - two copies of FHM? I don't even read that rubbish at my dentists!


Here we are - why on Earth do they need to call me back? People don't want to share their contact phone numbers. It should be like "fill in the form, received the goodies by post", otherwise it's too complicated and suspicious. IMHO of course ;)


Dont know, maybe 6weeks waiting time. Maybe they keep ringing you afterwards? Just thought some people might like it!


why the minus explain?


I've done this before for a Men's Health Magazine. Very straightforward. Prompt callback. And the mag arrived within 4 weeks. Heat from me. :)

12 Months of FHM and Ghost Recon: Future Solider on Xbox/PS3 for only £30! (£23.94 after cashback)
Found 14th Jun 2012Found 14th Jun 2012
12 Months of FHM and Ghost Recon: Future Solider on Xbox/PS3 for only £30! (£23.94 after cashback)
Will come to £23.94 after Topcashback, this is a cracker of a deal. Get Ghost Recon really cheap and have a crappy magazine to read or fantasise over every month!

my game came within a week!


Ordered this, it was a good deal but you might have to wait a couple of weeks before you get the game, that was my case.


seems to be exired now, fhm website still shows it as an offer but it's not listed on the great magazines website




about a fortnighht ago, cancel the direct debit after the first payment comes out.

Fancy a free copy of FHM or Heat magazine?
Found 23rd May 2012Found 23rd May 2012
Fancy a free copy of FHM or Heat magazine?
fancy a free copy of FHM or Heat magazine? simply text fhmtc or heattc to 60300 They will then call you back to take your name & address (they will also try to get you signed… Read more
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Thanks Paulbrooke, have just ordered a copy of FHM :)


Nice one might order my freebie tonight

12 issues for £12 FHM Magazine (£30 if you want the free game - the new Ghost Recon Future Soldier)
Found 22nd May 2012Found 22nd May 2012
12 issues for £12 FHM Magazine (£30 if you want the free game - the new Ghost Recon Future Soldier)
Got a call today from them (018 5843 8762) and was being offered 12 issues of FHM Magazine for £12. Or if I wanted a free game with it, it goes up to £30 for 12 issues (effectively… Read more
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Well bear in mind it's not a retail type release. It's usually in a jewel case with promo or over the disc inside. Meaning it is the full game but you won't be able to sell it :) Anyway heat.


true, but still cheaper than if paying for the game outright on release day.


haha i love how the 'free' game bumps up the price by £18 :-P


Went for this deal last year to get Dead Island, disk turned up in a reasonable time in a slim cd style cover, bit pants, but the mags nowhere near as good as it used to be, still worth it for the deal though.


I assume you subscribe through greatmagazine.co.uk and if that is the case - go through quidco and pay upfront for the year as you will/should get £6 back making your £12 for 12 issues subscription, the equivalent of 12 issues for £6 (game excluded) Hope this helps Ric

Free Issue of FHM
Found 7th Mar 2012Found 7th Mar 2012
Free Issue of FHM
FHM is packed with everything the modern man craves - gags and tales to re-tell down at the pub, fashion, style and fitness advice, features and interviews with people YOU want to … Read more

Looks a bit sus to me. Maybe it's just the font.


theres no link on the site


Worked fine for me but they want your phone number to call you to get your address.


I can see no option to get this issue on the linked page

Free Copy of FHM just sign up and wait for a phone call
Found 19th Jan 2012Found 19th Jan 2012
Free Copy of FHM just sign up and wait for a phone call
Got an Email it states 1 free issue per household got my call back it is free and they offer you also a further 3 issues for a £1 but you dont have to accept this and you still ge… Read more

They will try to extend this offer to 3 for £1 but u don't have to. Cool.


Nice one, will give it a go, thanks


cant change the link. this takes you direct to signup page http://webformregistration.com/fhm/

Try a FREE magazine
Found 20th Sep 2011Found 20th Sep 2011
Try a FREE magazine
I received an email from FHM offering me a free magazine of any of these titles:- Grazia Heat FHM Empire Q see the link for the details **Update ** Phone the number and quote FH… Read more

Not really free if you have to call an 0845 or send a premium rate text, eh?


that worked out...Empire should be interesting..now just a little bit of waiting..cheers X)


you text them and then they ring back, its only available for exisiting subscribers


I just text Them, they said its only for those who recieved the email with a code not fo any fee sites so no use to me


What do I need to text apart from Mags and FHXS? I presume the mag I want and my address even though it doesnt state on the website.

Free Issue of FHM for First 1,000 People - Be Quick (Call Required)
Found 6th May 2011Found 6th May 2011
Free Issue of FHM for First 1,000 People - Be Quick (Call Required)
Just saw an advert in the new FHM magazine "Get the next issue of FHM for free! To celebrate the 100 sexiest women in the world issue, we are giving away 1000 copies of FHM for fr… Read more

was on hold for ages so gave up!


should do tell them you have promotional code


wouldn't wasted the 5p call on it. Had the sub when it was £6 for a year, load of rubbish!!!


just called this number and alice knew nothing about it


just got one and was also offered 3 extra issues for a £1 as well so 4 issues for a £1 sweet

FHM 12 month subscription £12 (Plus £5 cashback available 58p per issue)
Found 19th Nov 2010Found 19th Nov 2010
FHM 12 month subscription £12 (Plus £5 cashback available 58p per issue)
Great price for a once brilliant, now still pretty good mag delivered. With cashback even better. Mine tracked with quidco within 8 hours. remember to cancel the dd the day after i… Read more

Yes agree with previous post... Nit sure why some people are being deliberately obtuse... It obviously costs much more than that to post issue. Voted hot, with thanks


Thanks for posting the deal blueroo. Not sure why some are being difficult, after cashback each mag cost abt 58p which is nearly the cost of posting large A4 post via royal mail.


apparently not


You really are thick arent you


I repeat: what stamp costs £12?! The only joke posted here is yours :p

Get FHM for free
Found 25th Mar 2010Found 25th Mar 2010
Get FHM for free
Get yourself a completely FREE Copy of FHM Magazine! http://www.fhm.com/freemag http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/7785/captureffff.jpg

No idea why this is being rated cold....unless it's being rated cold by fat, ugly women who feel threatened by the hotties within the magazine!


Link is http://www.fhm.com/news/get-a-free-copy-of-fhm-20100325


Try calling this number 01858 438866 or 01858 438824 and ask them to put you through. :thumbsup:


Doesn't calling an 0845 number cost? Meaning you don't get it for free :p


Sorry the link doesn't work. :x

Qualify & Email for FREE Men's Grooming Products from FHM
Found 20th Jul 2009Found 20th Jul 2009
Qualify & Email for FREE Men's Grooming Products from FHM
FHM is putting together a gang of readers to talk about grooming products for men, and if youd like to be involved theyll be handing out FREE samples. Let them know at editor@fhm.c… Read more
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I signed up for this and not sure if this is linked or not but got a parcel from FHM yesterday with a note saying "FHM - With compliments" and inside was: Bulldog Original Face Scrub 100ml- £4.99 Bulldog Original Face Wash 175ml- £4.49 Lab Series Moist def spf15 50ml - £25.00 LOREAL MEN EXPERT ENERGETIMOISTURISE - £7.82 Shockwaves Go Matt Clay 75ml - £3.28 Porsche Design Shower Gel 200ml - £10.00 Total of £55.58 of free stuff!!!!!!!! (prices from boots.com) Amazing deal




worth a try


Good find :thumbsup:I need some new smelly stuff:roll:

King of Shaves Razor worth £4 & £1 Off Blades Voucher on Front of FHM
Found 10th Jul 2009Found 10th Jul 2009
King of Shaves Razor worth £4 & £1 Off Blades Voucher on Front of FHM
Just seen in WHSmiths as i got my daily paper - King of Shaves Razor worth £4 attached to the front of the latest FHM. Its the issue with Eastenders (i think her name is....please… Read more
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I love KoL shaving products and so wanted to like the razor. But the rubber strip above the blade meant I couldn't get a close under-nose shave. God, I'm 44 years old, sat with a laptop on my knees at midnight and I'm talking 'bout under-nose shaving. This just wasn't part of "the dream"!!


i didn't realise it was only airports- it was in an Airport i saw it - i was dropping my Mum in law off on a trip to Spain


Yup - I'd agree with that. Having said that, it's a big improvement over their first attempt at a razor. The handle snapped after I'd used my first blade. The customer support was excellent though, as KoS sent me a replacement handle and also some MagnaGel shaving gel (of my choice) for letting them investigate the problem.


I reckon the Azur is great for people with bum fluff or who shave with the grain. Because it cut me up so much it looked like I was a character from the Bride of Chucky. And that was on the first shave!!! I'm glad I got it for free.


Should be a lot longer than that - the Azor claims to be Endurium(?) coated, lasting longer than other brands of blade. I still find the blades cut the skin rather than the hair after a couple of dozen shaves though.

Fhm 12 issues plus a free copy of Far Cry 2 or a season of Family Guy on DVD For £25!!!!
Found 10th Jan 2009Found 10th Jan 2009
Fhm 12 issues plus a free copy of Far Cry 2 or a season of Family Guy on DVD For £25!!!!
effectively your getting Far Cry 2 or a season of Family Guy for free and making a saving on a great magazine if you actually bought the magazine every month!

Can find how to get quidco with family guy or the two games offer but can't find who to go through in quidco to get far cry 2 deal. Any idea?


So true. It was a good read in the late 90s. Not anymore.


why is this cold? i thought it was a good ofer?


ordered a similar deal about oct last year 12 issues for £20 plus free Rainbow six vegas 2 magazine came quickly , after getting no game at dec contacted them to give off , gave me some excuse about running out of games and would send me another free game , alone in the dark . got this and rainbow 6shortly b4 xmas . granted the mag is not what it used to be and if i hadn't of contacted them who knows if i would have got anything Still a good deal , flog game on ebay if dont want it


how do u use quidco i v signed up for it? sorry i m new to this trying to save money this year lol